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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gone Studying

Hey everyone,
I write this post during my last few hours of being a 30 year old. I can't believe how fast time has flown by and that I'm actually turning 31 tomorrow. There is something interesting about turning 31. It's not as climatic as turning 30, but rather a calm entrance into whatever is next. During my 30th year on this planet so much has happened. Getting engaged, getting into nursing school, finding out I'm becoming a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, planning my own wedding,  and more. it's all so much, but I can only embrace everything with open arms. Even though right now I find myself stressing over a huge med list that I have to memorize by next Tuesday.  I am ready for my adventures as a 31 year old.

This brings me to wedding update.
I can't believe it, but I bought my veil the other day. My godmother was sweet enough to purchase it for me, and I couldn't be more grateful for the support my family has offered me during this important time in my life. My sweet mother the other day busted out her wedding album in which she showed me some great photos of her on her wedding day. It's sort of funny because we sort of have similar things going on between our weddings without really knowing it. One of of them being the decisions to have my bridesmaids wear different colored dresses.  I don't really care for my bridesmaids to look alike because really they are all so awesomely different. I teared up  a little while looking at the wedding photos. My mother looked beautiful and my father rocked a serious powder blue tuxedo, crazy hippie hair style and mustache. I can't wait to sit down with someone in my future and show them our photos of our wedding day. Who knows, I may be discussing with my son or daughter the unknown similarities between our weddings.
 Photo of my mother on her wedding day with my godmother and godfather

Cheers amigos! I'll return with more post and updates after finals!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snowy Spring

Happy April 3rd!
We woke up to a snow storm today in the Land of Enchantment.
Looks like I get to bust out the wellies one more time this season.

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