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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Exercising with the elements

It's getting chilly outside and all I feel like doing is sipping hot tea or coffee by the fire.
During my chat with my amiga in Sweden this morning, we both agreed that the hardest part of working out in the winter is just getting out there! We were both swimmer in college and it seems that waking up in the early morning and jumping into a pool of cold water has traumatized us a bit. Ha ha well, maybe traumatized me a bit.
So the question do you motivate yourself to exercise in cold weather?! 
Well, I always default on getting the essential cute element friendly outfit.
Here are a few of my favorites!

Keeping your ears and brain warm:                                  

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1. Upper left corner:  Lululemon Brisk Run Earwarmer $16.00 
2. Nike lightweight running skull cap *This cap comes with a hole in the back for your ponytail!$9.97
3. Lole women's heat head band  *Is UPF 50 and is made from eco-friendly material oh yeah odor elminating and quick drying*$17.95

To keep your digits warm:    


1) Manzella Spring Lightweight running glove:  Control tax grip on palms, great for cycling and running. breathable and moisture wicking. $15.00
2) Lululemon W's Brisk Run Glove: I love this glove! It's always sold out though :-( $28.00
3) Adidas Ultra Tech Running Glove : Key pocket on the palm and climalite technology. $9.99

To keep your soul warm:

 1) Nike Element Running Hoodie: Great all around hoodie. built in mitts at cuffs, highly reflective and dry fit technology. $70
2) Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie: Bright and very reflective, also cute enough to run errands in. $85.00
3) The North Face Impulse Hoodie: This hoodie is super cute and has lots of pockets to stash your cards and keys. Reflective material for those late night runs or early morning runs. Vapor wick technology to keep you warm and not stinky! $70

To keep your stems warm:

1) Adidas Women's 3/4 running tights: Cute colors and it includes a storage pocket in the back for (keys, credit cards, etc) Provides muscles support and keeps you warm. $48.24
2) Nike Skapris: Hello! How cute are these? A modest approach to the running skirt and perfect for colder temperatures. $65.00

**Sorry for the late post folks! Blogger was fighting with me! Have a great weekend! Keep warm!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You are so animated

My parents went to go see the movie How To Train Your Dragon a couple of months ago. Afterward, they both decided to call me and ask "Did you know Pato (my boyfriend) has a starring role in a movie?" My parents love to kid around but man they just couldn't get over how much the main character Hiccup looked like my boyfriend.  Any you know what?? He kind of does!!! Give the kid some hazel eyes and grow my boyfriends hair back out and it's really him as a cartoon character!  It kind of had me wondering, what cartoon character do I look like? 
What cartoon character do you think you look like?!


Photo 97

Yes, Lilo from Lilo & Stich. It's not a dead on match but it's the closest thing I could really find.  
I know, it's so silly!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's go to bed!

So, I had a $15 coupon from Urban Outfitters and I had to use by the end of the week.
So I went shopping for the best deal I could find on the website. I was looking at sweaters and their apartment collection and found this great duvet and sham set for under $40 bucks.  Then I applied my handy dandy coupon and got it for $20 bucks!
If that's not a great deal on a bedroom set, I don't know what is!  Check out their sale for other great stuff!
Have  a great Tuesday everyone!

Music Tuesday---Res

700 mile situation

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready for Halloween?

Judging by this photo I took of my perro Chorizo over the weekend, she is! 
A little freaky right?
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Friday, October 22, 2010

My first shot of lightning

This past Wednesday Albuquerque got an amazing light show from Mother Nature! Here in New Mexico we have some of the most amazing thunderstorm and I have always tried to catch a lightning bolt with my camera. It's actually a lot harder than you would think and it requires a lot of patience. Even though they are a little bit blurry, I was very happy that I was able to catch two lightning bolts with my camera.
Burque light show
NM Light show
Pretty neat huh?

Well amigos, I am so sorry for the lack of post this week. I have been fighting off a stomach bug and also studying pretty heavily for a anatomy exam that I have next week. Who knows, the two things may have been correlated.

I leave you with LINKS to make up for it!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Duke City Half Marathon Recap

Around my birthday this year I had made a list of 29 things to do before I turn 30.  I had so many different things on that list, but each of those things was on that list for a reason. I had a desire to accomplish that mini-goal within in my 29th year. However, with this list I realize that some goals stick out more than others. They seem to challenge you more and it has you wondering..."Will I do this?" One of those goals was to put on my running shoes and run a 10k or half marathon in the fall.

I motivated.
I trained.
I ran a 10k.
I trained.
I ran 13.1 under 2 hours and for a cause.
I smiled.

The Duke City Half Marathon was an amazing experience.  The announcer guy said that there were 1,500 people signed up for the half marathon. That is a lot of people!  I made my way through the sea of people and found a good spot on the side towards the front.  Patrick stood with me up until the last 5 minutes and then he took my warm-ups and kissed me good luck.
*Bang! We were off. *
The race started off with no problem. I just wanted to make sure that I ran my own race and didn't get caught up in the crowd.  Music and the chi running technique that allows you to bring focus to your breathing really helped with this. When we turned on to the Bosque trail (trail by the Rio Grande river) that is when the race really felt like a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day out and there were hot air balloons soaring in the distance. On the turn at 6.55 miles of the race I did start to get a bit nervous, it appeared to get really crowded on the trail and people were starting to push and shove. During this moment I really focused and watched my breathing and kept my legs moving.
On the turn around home I could see the elephants at the zoo and they almost look like they were watching us run by. This is when I started to kick it in to high gear and decided to start passing people. I would put my focus on someone and push to get closer.  When I rounded the last corner to the finish I saw Patrick was there waiting for me. However, he happened to be distracted by someone else he knew running the race in front of me. So, I called out to him "HEY! BOYFRIEND!!"  He then said "oh shit” and yelled "GO BABY!! FINISH STRONG!!!"  And that was the push I needed to bring it home.
I finished.
I was so stoked and my amore and familia were so proud of me. I will never forget how it felt going across that finish line.  I was elated and smiling from ear to ear.
I was officially addicted to running. 


My support
Mi familia

 Here are a few highlights from my training...
  • "Free shit" running club. Without them starting the runs in the early summer. They help me get into the swing of things and my amigo Steve ran the 10K run for the hills with me.
  • Nature Escapes: When running you need a change of scenery sometimes and Albuquerque is the best place to get that beautiful change. The beautiful Bosque, Foothills and Academy loop were my favorite sports for that escape to nature. 
  • Running for a cause. The DCM was a run organized to help benefit the New Mexico Cancer Center.  I made sure to keep the survivors both who are fighting or have overcome their battle with cancer in my heart. As well as the supporters and those who have lost someone to this terrible disease. 
  • Chi running: It's a method that has a harmonious mix of Tai Chi and running. This method benefited me in keeping a healthy pace during the whole race. It also helped me train almost pain free (there was and adjustment period) and help me end the race with literally no soreness in my legs!! However, my stomach did attack me. This was a result of not cooling down properly and not drinking enough water.  I know, bad me!!  Lots of thanks to John Krone who lent me the book! I promise I won't laugh at you doing tai chi when I run by the park anymore.  
  • Nike + and my Ipod: I did the half marathon training program with Nike+ and it really helped keep me on track. It included exercises to do along with the training as well as the mileage that I should be doing. My Ipod was a lifesaver during the half marathon and my training. 
  • My supporters, familia and other friends training for a run across the country! You were a motivation and inspiration to me. Thank you!
  • Pato, I love you. Thank you for being my best friend and my biggest supporter and making me drink water! 
The shoes that stuck with me the whole way. 

The stickers my father insisted on buying for me. I love them! Thanks dad!

Journey together
The tread of the journey. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the results are in...:-)

Half Marathon
Runner DetailsRace Results
Name:Laura Lopez
Hometown:Albuquerque, NM
Overall:206 out of 1361
Women:32 out of 721
F 25-29:6 out of 119
Age/Grade:61.33% Place: 188
Finish:1:47:22 Pace: 8:12
Tag Time:1:47:22
Gun Time:1:47:41
Split Times

- No splits are available for this runner -


Saturday, October 16, 2010

channeling your inner Tarahumara

I was told to channel my inner Kenya/Ethiopian for my half tommorrow.
My father told me to channel the Tarahumara....
I think he is right!
Corn beer anyone??

Friday, October 15, 2010


2 more days away! I was a bit worried about not having my music with me during my run. But my girl assured me that a lot of people do it. So, im just going to bring it and scope out the crowd. :-)
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flowers in your hair

Who says wearing flowers in your hair is just a warm weather thing?!
I think you can rock flowers in your hair all year long if you wish. 

If it makes you feel good and makes ya smile..
Do it! 
You never know. 
You just may make someone else smile. 

San Francisco
Scott McKenzie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Tuesday--1/2 marathon playlist

As some of you know,  I will be running my first half marathon this Sunday. From the beginning I have always ran with music. I love how it can bring me out of a funk and I love how it can drive me to keep on running with a smile on my face.

So, I want to create a playlist to keep me going the whole 13.1 miles this weekend. I'm going to start with listing my top 13 songs (for 13.1 miles) here today.

What would you put on your 13 mile playlist? Let me know in the comments section!!

The White Stripes
Hello Operator


MIA & Santogold
Get it up

Beastie Boys
Dr Lee PHD

Digable Planets
New York


Jackson 5
Dancing Machine

Manu Chao
Machine Gun

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
No No No


Lady Gaga

La Tortura


Guns N' Roses
Welcome to the Jungle

Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Balloon Fiesta

Festival Internacional de Globos!

It has been almost 20 years since I last went to the International Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque. 
I was so happy that my mister and sister agreed to wake up really early (ah hum..4:30am) and check it out with me.  We had a great time braving the huge crowds and seeing some amazing colorful balloons. It put me in an amazing mood for the rest of the day. It really is a glorious event. 
So, I had so much fun in fact,  that I decided to go again with my amiga Cassy on Sunday. You really can't have too many hot air balloons in your life. The festival is over now and I'm really going to miss seeing so many of them grace the sky on my morning runs. But the good news is, there is always next year. I'm pretty sure that I won't wait another 20 years to go again. 

Here are some fun highlights..

**The Darth Vader balloon was very popular. They had all the characters from the movie dressed up and taking pictures with the fans. Seriously, there was a bit of a hilarious mayhem to the whole thing. However, I would expect nothing less from Star Wars fans.

Cassy and Balloon

Hot air balloon launch! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

John Lennon Google Doodle

College flashbacks

Ah yes, Felicity!
This was my favorite series while going to college. (the first time) 
Now that I'm headed back to hitting the books full time,  I'm flashing back!
Thanks to Sassy Cassy for letting me steal the series for a while. 
It has been so amusing going back to that era..
Beepers, Sarah Maclachlan, natural looking young women and men..
Oh, sweet nostalgia! 

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Due to the recent turn of events it's become more aware to me now that blowing $100+ bucks on a dress is not going to cut it.
So of course the challenge is..
Find an outfit you love and then find creative ways to get it for much cheaper.
Here are a few of my secrets.

Etsy-- A great place to find what you want for much cheaper. You also support crafty people and it's a nice way to think outside the department store box.

Ebay--I know, I know...ebay WTF right? Well do you love Anthropologie? Do you get sad when you can't afford something there? Try looking on Ebay and you may score some new Anthro digs for much cheaper.

Sales racks and thrift store finds--It can be done if you are the patient type. I've discovered some pretty good finds by just going in with an open mind and tackling the racks.

Versatile shopper: Don't buy things that only go with one other thing in your closet. Try to get the most out of your purchase. For instance, don't buy the hot pink boots that go with your amigas bachelorette party if you don't really need them. Go with something classic or that you will get more out of. Look for pieces that you can easily mix and match or skirts that you can just put a pair tights under and voila! You're ready for fall!

Buy out of Season: Yes, this is the best way to do things!  I usually hit the sales racks at the end of the season. That is where you can usually find that cute cardigan or cute pair of boots/heels for the price you wanted to pay.

What are your secrets!!?? I want to know!!! Let's help each other save a little right??

My next fashion challenge: This cute outfit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Mexico ♥♥♥

This morning was beautiful amigos!!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate my Nuevo Mexico runs in the morning during the fall season. Especially during the
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!!!

It really made the 7 miles I had scheduled just shoot on by! I found myself just gazing at the sky and running so relaxed.

This is one of the most glorious times of the year!

(photos taken from my cell phone. I plan on having my nicer camera with me next time.)

Music Tuesday--Feelin' Good

Nina Simone

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dalai Lama on Twitter

Dalai Lama
Once our mind is more calm and joyful, then our activities can be more effective.

Yes, I follow the Dalai lama on twitter. 
And you can too! click the link above! 
I had a friend on facebook who in order to keep herself from getting enveloped by negative thoughts she was putting up daily affirmations as her status update. She has since stopped doing that and I realized I actually missed her little affirmation project that I was secretly following along with. So, I needed to find something else that would help me get my thoughts in order (positive order) for the day. 
Now do I think it's the actual Dalai Lama? Probably not. But it's someone who prints his words daily and I can appreciate that. It really gives you a different start and focus to your day and can really make you appreciate the little things that on a normal day you would give no thought to. 
So amigos, what do you do to calm the mind or stimulate the senses in a positive way? 

Happy Monday!
Feliz Lunes!! 
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