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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Duke City Half Marathon Recap

Around my birthday this year I had made a list of 29 things to do before I turn 30.  I had so many different things on that list, but each of those things was on that list for a reason. I had a desire to accomplish that mini-goal within in my 29th year. However, with this list I realize that some goals stick out more than others. They seem to challenge you more and it has you wondering..."Will I do this?" One of those goals was to put on my running shoes and run a 10k or half marathon in the fall.

I motivated.
I trained.
I ran a 10k.
I trained.
I ran 13.1 under 2 hours and for a cause.
I smiled.

The Duke City Half Marathon was an amazing experience.  The announcer guy said that there were 1,500 people signed up for the half marathon. That is a lot of people!  I made my way through the sea of people and found a good spot on the side towards the front.  Patrick stood with me up until the last 5 minutes and then he took my warm-ups and kissed me good luck.
*Bang! We were off. *
The race started off with no problem. I just wanted to make sure that I ran my own race and didn't get caught up in the crowd.  Music and the chi running technique that allows you to bring focus to your breathing really helped with this. When we turned on to the Bosque trail (trail by the Rio Grande river) that is when the race really felt like a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day out and there were hot air balloons soaring in the distance. On the turn at 6.55 miles of the race I did start to get a bit nervous, it appeared to get really crowded on the trail and people were starting to push and shove. During this moment I really focused and watched my breathing and kept my legs moving.
On the turn around home I could see the elephants at the zoo and they almost look like they were watching us run by. This is when I started to kick it in to high gear and decided to start passing people. I would put my focus on someone and push to get closer.  When I rounded the last corner to the finish I saw Patrick was there waiting for me. However, he happened to be distracted by someone else he knew running the race in front of me. So, I called out to him "HEY! BOYFRIEND!!"  He then said "oh shit” and yelled "GO BABY!! FINISH STRONG!!!"  And that was the push I needed to bring it home.
I finished.
I was so stoked and my amore and familia were so proud of me. I will never forget how it felt going across that finish line.  I was elated and smiling from ear to ear.
I was officially addicted to running. 


My support
Mi familia

 Here are a few highlights from my training...
  • "Free shit" running club. Without them starting the runs in the early summer. They help me get into the swing of things and my amigo Steve ran the 10K run for the hills with me.
  • Nature Escapes: When running you need a change of scenery sometimes and Albuquerque is the best place to get that beautiful change. The beautiful Bosque, Foothills and Academy loop were my favorite sports for that escape to nature. 
  • Running for a cause. The DCM was a run organized to help benefit the New Mexico Cancer Center.  I made sure to keep the survivors both who are fighting or have overcome their battle with cancer in my heart. As well as the supporters and those who have lost someone to this terrible disease. 
  • Chi running: It's a method that has a harmonious mix of Tai Chi and running. This method benefited me in keeping a healthy pace during the whole race. It also helped me train almost pain free (there was and adjustment period) and help me end the race with literally no soreness in my legs!! However, my stomach did attack me. This was a result of not cooling down properly and not drinking enough water.  I know, bad me!!  Lots of thanks to John Krone who lent me the book! I promise I won't laugh at you doing tai chi when I run by the park anymore.  
  • Nike + and my Ipod: I did the half marathon training program with Nike+ and it really helped keep me on track. It included exercises to do along with the training as well as the mileage that I should be doing. My Ipod was a lifesaver during the half marathon and my training. 
  • My supporters, familia and other friends training for a run across the country! You were a motivation and inspiration to me. Thank you!
  • Pato, I love you. Thank you for being my best friend and my biggest supporter and making me drink water! 
The shoes that stuck with me the whole way. 

The stickers my father insisted on buying for me. I love them! Thanks dad!

Journey together
The tread of the journey. 

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