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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Due to the recent turn of events it's become more aware to me now that blowing $100+ bucks on a dress is not going to cut it.
So of course the challenge is..
Find an outfit you love and then find creative ways to get it for much cheaper.
Here are a few of my secrets.

Etsy-- A great place to find what you want for much cheaper. You also support crafty people and it's a nice way to think outside the department store box.

Ebay--I know, I know...ebay WTF right? Well do you love Anthropologie? Do you get sad when you can't afford something there? Try looking on Ebay and you may score some new Anthro digs for much cheaper.

Sales racks and thrift store finds--It can be done if you are the patient type. I've discovered some pretty good finds by just going in with an open mind and tackling the racks.

Versatile shopper: Don't buy things that only go with one other thing in your closet. Try to get the most out of your purchase. For instance, don't buy the hot pink boots that go with your amigas bachelorette party if you don't really need them. Go with something classic or that you will get more out of. Look for pieces that you can easily mix and match or skirts that you can just put a pair tights under and voila! You're ready for fall!

Buy out of Season: Yes, this is the best way to do things!  I usually hit the sales racks at the end of the season. That is where you can usually find that cute cardigan or cute pair of boots/heels for the price you wanted to pay.

What are your secrets!!?? I want to know!!! Let's help each other save a little right??

My next fashion challenge: This cute outfit

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