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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get a MushROOM!

Patrick and I love it when these little guys appear in our yard!
They usually pop up after a good rain and are pretty much gone the next day.
We were happy to snap these photos of them! Cute little guys eh? It's like they were posing for a family photo!

Ahhhh, the wonders of the backyard!



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Music Tuesday--Barry Louis Polisar

Dedicated to the man who brought me back to life after a grueling last couple of weeks! 
I love you Patrick, thank you for being you! 

all I want is you

Monday, September 27, 2010

Run for the Hills!!

Hey guys!
So, I'm not going to lie, last week really sucked. I had a hard time adjusting to my new routine and I was being really hard on myself.
Good news is, I was able to turn it all around after I ran my first competitive 10k run on Sunday.
It is a a beautiful run up in the foothills of the mountains here and it's mostly uphill. It was grueling but I loved it! I found it challenging mentally during a few difficult parts of the race, but I was able to set mini-goals and keep focused. WE did have an amusing part of the race when the course was not marked very well and we were lead off into the wrong direction. This really upset a few of the runners, but I couldn't stop laughing.  So even though there was a few hiccups, it was a good time! I will most likely do the run again next year. I ran the course in 54 minutes which was under my goal of an hour and I got 4th place in my age group and 5th in overall females! I was excited!! I am now looking forward to my first half marathon. This run was a challenge, but it has given me new found confidence in more ways then one.

So after the race, my buddy Steve and I went back to his place and took a sunday cruise in his 56 Chevy. He put a 350 engine in it (a whole lot of power) and it drives like a charm!  I was even more excited when he let me drive the sexy beast!!  It was a nice start to my Sunday and I was happy about just being happy!
Good times rolling up ahead folks! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

run for the hills bib
Run for the Hills (My first 10K)

Patrick up in the foothills with me
This was my view while running, beautiful huh?

56 Chevy
Steve's 56 Chevy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog.
I was recently laid off from my job and I took it sort of hard.
However, with the great support of my loving boyfriend, friends and family I have come out of my depression cloud.
I am back to smiling and I feel like I'm back on track with all my options! It was hard having to leave my job under such sad circumstances, but I sort of took it as a divine intervention from someone who is really watching over me.
You see recently I've just been pushing my goals aside in order to be comfortable.
Well, you don't get anywhere or ahead by just playing it safe. So, I am taking my new found time seriously and I'm observing all my options to help me decide what would be the best path in obtaining my RN license.
I'm excited and not afraid!
I'm loving my options and I'm loving the challenge and change!
Bring it!


(photo by me) 

Music Tuesday--Up and over it


Monday, September 13, 2010

From the U.K. with LOVE

I forgot to mention that this weekend I received a very fun care package from across the pond. My good friends Danielle and her boyfriend Paal sent me a box full of great goodies!! I loved everything from the organic and biodegradable Earl Grey tea, the easy to snack on Percy Pig candies and the beautiful Banksy card (very London)! You can't get this stuff here folks, it is awesome! I also received a cute stuffed Moose from Norway, I have named him Mons a proper Norwegian name for a moose. 

I love this package so much and all I wanted to do was just hug my friends! I miss them!! I guess I will just have to save up for another trip across the pond!

(My English gang name)

Hello? Weekend??

Hola amigos,
So it seems that my prediction of having a relaxing and "do nothing" weekend became an illussion quite quickly. However, I'm not complaining. I realize that having your weekends full of family and beautiful friends is always something to be excited about.
Patrick and I had a good weekend of hanging out with friends and having dinner with them to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. We had funny visions of us hanging out old and doing the same thing during their 50th anniversary, picture that right? Either way, we had an amazing time with the Sanchez's and we wish them many more happy years!

I wrapped up the weekend by studying for Anatomy II in order to get ahead before this next weekend. Our great friends Chuck & Sarah are tying the knot and it promises to be a great time!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will wrap up this post by showing you this photo of the grasshoper in my backyard who decided to let me do a photo shoot with him. I love how he is sticking out his little arm!
Ahhhhh Nature!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekends to relax

I hope everyone had a great short work week or just a good week in general.
This weekend for me will include relaxing, 5 mile run, studying and hot yoga with friends!
I leave you guys with a photo of a few of the sunflowers that have popped up around our house. I don't know where they came from, but I love them!

Have a great weekend lovelies! 

sunflowers 2

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Mexico ♥ Our First House Guests

Hello Amigos!

This past Labor Day weekend Patrick and I were happy to welcome our first out of town house guests!
Kihiro & David who hail from Seattle and decided that they would like to come out and get some NM sunshine for Kihiro's birthday. We were so excited when we heard that they were coming out to visit!
 Patrick and Kihiro have traveled to several different countries together and they have some amazing stories of their travels. Kihrio and I have never actually met, so I was thrilled to finally meet in person the adventurous Kihiro (I love her name) and her boyfriend David!

Kihiro & David
Kihiro & David

We started our adventure by picking them up at the airport and driving them straight up the mountain to  see the sunset at the crest. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and rented a Kia Soul (awesome little car)  and drove 4 hours south to White Sands National Park. It was a long day of traveling, but we had so much fun as soon as we got there! We bought a sled and made the most out of the beautiful white Dunes. 

You can get with this, or you can get with that!
I could not get the Kia Soul commercial out of my head while driving this car.
So happy together
Going sledding

White Sands

La Push


White Sands strollKi & Me
sunset white sands

We then wrapped up their trip by taking them to the hippie town of Madrid, NM and enjoyed the art and had a great coffee and pastry at Java Junction (check out their cute website here.) I recommend going there if you ever stop in Madrid, NM.
We had a short pit stop at Santa Fe, Brewing company and then continued on to Santa Fe to have dinner at The Shed. I recommend hitting up The Shed as well if you are in  the Santa Fe area and looking for a good place to eat wit moderate prices. However, they are very popular so make sure you make reservations!

The good Stuff's in here
Madrid haunted house
Santa Fe Brewing Company

Santa Fe Brewing company
Vaya con Dios
So we rounded up our trip with breakfast the next morning and Kihrio and I had an 8 mile run in the foothills before they left. She is currently in training to run a marathon in Athens at the end of October and she handled the hills like a  pro.  
So we bid adieu to our dear friends and they headed back to Seattle. We had such a good time and miss them so much already. We plan to meet up again soon, hopefully on the beach in Croatia! 
I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

day dreamer

Sorry about not posting amigos! It's been a crazy past couple of weeks and it seems that there is no slowing down for another two weeks!
We recently had some friends come in town from Seattle and we had a whirlwind of a time! It was a blast and I promise to recap our weekend in the next post!
I hope everyone is doing well! 
Didn't this Summer feel busier than others?
Oh well, it's been a lot of fun!!

White Sands

(photo by me)
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