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Monday, September 13, 2010

From the U.K. with LOVE

I forgot to mention that this weekend I received a very fun care package from across the pond. My good friends Danielle and her boyfriend Paal sent me a box full of great goodies!! I loved everything from the organic and biodegradable Earl Grey tea, the easy to snack on Percy Pig candies and the beautiful Banksy card (very London)! You can't get this stuff here folks, it is awesome! I also received a cute stuffed Moose from Norway, I have named him Mons a proper Norwegian name for a moose. 

I love this package so much and all I wanted to do was just hug my friends! I miss them!! I guess I will just have to save up for another trip across the pond!

(My English gang name)


  1. Nice! it's always fun and interesting to have foreign treats.

  2. So true, I love it! The two bags of candy in front were devoured in a matter of hours.


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