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Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Mexico ♥ Our First House Guests

Hello Amigos!

This past Labor Day weekend Patrick and I were happy to welcome our first out of town house guests!
Kihiro & David who hail from Seattle and decided that they would like to come out and get some NM sunshine for Kihiro's birthday. We were so excited when we heard that they were coming out to visit!
 Patrick and Kihiro have traveled to several different countries together and they have some amazing stories of their travels. Kihrio and I have never actually met, so I was thrilled to finally meet in person the adventurous Kihiro (I love her name) and her boyfriend David!

Kihiro & David
Kihiro & David

We started our adventure by picking them up at the airport and driving them straight up the mountain to  see the sunset at the crest. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and rented a Kia Soul (awesome little car)  and drove 4 hours south to White Sands National Park. It was a long day of traveling, but we had so much fun as soon as we got there! We bought a sled and made the most out of the beautiful white Dunes. 

You can get with this, or you can get with that!
I could not get the Kia Soul commercial out of my head while driving this car.
So happy together
Going sledding

White Sands

La Push


White Sands strollKi & Me
sunset white sands

We then wrapped up their trip by taking them to the hippie town of Madrid, NM and enjoyed the art and had a great coffee and pastry at Java Junction (check out their cute website here.) I recommend going there if you ever stop in Madrid, NM.
We had a short pit stop at Santa Fe, Brewing company and then continued on to Santa Fe to have dinner at The Shed. I recommend hitting up The Shed as well if you are in  the Santa Fe area and looking for a good place to eat wit moderate prices. However, they are very popular so make sure you make reservations!

The good Stuff's in here
Madrid haunted house
Santa Fe Brewing Company

Santa Fe Brewing company
Vaya con Dios
So we rounded up our trip with breakfast the next morning and Kihrio and I had an 8 mile run in the foothills before they left. She is currently in training to run a marathon in Athens at the end of October and she handled the hills like a  pro.  
So we bid adieu to our dear friends and they headed back to Seattle. We had such a good time and miss them so much already. We plan to meet up again soon, hopefully on the beach in Croatia! 
I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! 


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