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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vase from target: $1
Flowers from COOP and backyard: $5 and $0
Making your neighbors day: priceless! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bandida Blog Giveaway--Shop at the COOP?

photo from

This Friday I am giving away a one year La Montañita COOP membership to one lucky winner!

Their Website says:
La Montañita Co-op is a community-owned, consumer cooperative with two locations in Albuquerque, one in Santa Fe and one in Gallup. All stores offer fresh organic produce, bulk foods, local organic beef, lamb and other meats and cheeses, fair trade products and a wide variety of natural and organic groceries, freshly prepared deli foods, natural body care, vitamins and supplements.
The Co-op continues its decades long commitment to local farmers and producers with its regional Co-op Trade Food-Shed Project. This initiative is creating wholesale markets and providing product pick-up and distribution, supply delivery service and refrigerated storage for local farmers and producers. With over 1100 local products from approximately 400 local producers and 20% of total purchases and sales in local food, the Co-op is a leader in the local foods movement.  For more information on the COOP or membership click here .

  •  To Enter: Post a comment on this blog post with the words "I'm not a hippie, I just think green a lot."
  • I will be using to pick a winner on Friday April 30th,  2010 @ 12:00pm

Good Luck

Music Tuesday-- Gillian Welch

Elvis Presley Blues

Monday, April 26, 2010


During my visit to London there was an American Apparel rummage sale in which over 25,000 people RSVP'd to attend on facebook. During the first 15 mins of the sale 3 people were arrested and 10 police officers were injured. Yay!!  (click here for this ridiculous story) 

A friend on facebook got a kick out of this in which he said.. 
"I'm pretty sure hipsters will destroy the world one day, over a pair of solid colored stretchy pants."

Then he directed me to my new favorite website! Look at this fucking hipster.

Enjoy and remember, it's not worth getting arrested over some safari print tights and buddy holly glasses. 

Here are some of my favorites. 

 “I’m not trying to brag. I’m just saying, I knew about Cat Power before anyone else did.”

“Thank you, but we prefer to be called Hipspanics.”

Have a good Monday!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wu-Tang Clan Nickname Generator

click here to enter the Wu-Tang Clan nickname generator.

I decided to take it upon myself to enter a few names for my friends and family...

Here are the rizzzzzz-aults: 

Bandida: Respected Wizard (Wizard skizzard....ehhh)

Pato: Vizual Lover (I all of a sudden have Barry White playing in my head)

De-yah-nah: Bittah Mastermind (Bittah mastermind with eclectic outfits suckkah)

Mom: E-ratic Menace  (oh mah, you sooo crazy)

Dad/Nick: Amazing Bastard  (hah)

La Sassy: Misunderstood Ninja (Misunderstood and understood after a few verbal lashings)

Rosita: Sarkastik Ninja (So fitting.)

Allison: Irate Ninja (Ninja? Yes. Irate? No. Take a beer to go ninja style from a Scottish bar? hell yes.)

Jeremy: Wicked Prophet (In training) 

Dia de la Tierra--EarthDay

We try to make Earth day everyday but of course putting extra focus on the Earth never hurts anybody!

ADS from GreenPeace and WWF. 

Looking to expolode your cute-o-meter? Watch this video: How to cuddle with an elephant seal.

How to recycle anything by Real Simple: Click here

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad food.

The Señor and I both got some pretty sick food poisoning from a restaurant in downtown Albuquerque on Monday night. We were pretty miserable and most likely will not be eating in the restaurant that rhymes with caucasian toodle car.
So, after a lot of fluids and no eating, I have bounced back hungry as hell!! However, I'm still hesitant on eating anything after puking my guts out.

Anyways, I hope everyone else is feeling alright and doing well!


Monday, April 19, 2010

29 things to do before your 30

You would think this would be an easy task, but it's actually been a bit difficult for me to create such a list.
I actually completed 2 of the things on my list just the week before and figured it would be unfair to add them to this one. However, they are good enough to be honorably mentioned.

 Travel to Europe (London and Paris) 
Mis amigas de traveling pantolones D and Al!
 Visit Abbey Road

29 things to do before I turn 30

  1. Take mi Madre and Padre out to dinner
  2.  Hike up the La Luz Trail
  3. Travel out of the country again (Canada, Thailand or anywhere with a beach)
  4. ORGANIZE (we have a paper pile that we could use if we ever ran out of toilet paper)
  5. Learn to make an amazing crêpe and a proper French dinner and serve it up.
  6. Write to my Grandmother and send her photos of my travels 
  7. Paint and decorate the TV room in our home (take all the random shit down)
  8. Use my Crock Pot more
  9. Learn to Sew (this is part of Domestically Disabled Challenge) 
  10. Build Something from knock off wood blogspot
  11. Give 10% of my income to Savings
  12. Write more cards and letters to friends
  13. Help out a stranger 
  14. Take a Piano Lesson 
  15. Get an expensive bottle of wine and share it with good friends
  16. Take my sister and bro out to a movie
  17. Stay in a Yurt (any yurt will do, but I will try hard to stay in one @ the Tree Bones Resort)
  18. Hike the Grand Canyon and see The Waterfalls of Havasupai
  19. Focus on learning Porteño style Spanish and get info on teaching English in Argentina.
  20. Get at least 2 acrobatic moves down for Capoeira
  21. Run a half marathon or 10k in the fall 
  22. Take a drive on the Coast (any coast)
  23. Buy myself or someone else flowers every other month
  24. Go to the local growers market in Nob hill and cook a dish with the ingredients that I buy
  25. Ride my bike to work at least five times
  26. Make a gourmet cupcake  click here
  27. Own a Le Crueset pot
  28. Paint my kitchen
  29. Surprise Pato

Here were a few suggestions from my friends that did not make the list. 
  1. Get shot in a drive-by and survive
  2. sky dive
  3. have a baby
  4. Pow wow at the Gathering of Nations
  5. Tattoo my face
  6. Eat blow fish
  7. Drink my own pee

Cheers amigos!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mexican Sangria

So, I am turning 29 this weekend and I thought to myself...
What better way to kick off the aging process then with this amazing Mexican Sangria recipe I found on design*sponge today!

1 bottle of red wine
1/2 a cup of orange juice 
1/2 a cup of brown or regular sugar
1/4 cup of fresh squeezed  lime juice
1 sliced organic red apple  (and other fruit if you desire – raspberries, watermelon, oranges, mangos, etc)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 Mins

While vacationing in London D, Al and I randomly experienced our 15 mins. of fame!

We came out of the tube station at Picadilly Circus in London and walked up onto the filming of the final scene of the final episode ever of Ugly Betty!

We became spontaneous extras on the show and we made the FINAL CUT!!!!
You have to squint to see us, but we are there!!

Here are some photos from the last shoot of Ugly Betty!!

Click here to watch the last Episode!


America and I at Frontier Restaurant
She was campaigning for Hilary Clinton and I loved it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Banksy in London

While in the London neighborhood of Angel, Danielle, Al and I tried to track down a Banksy Piece and thanks to Paal and his amazing tracking skills we were able to find one! It has been modified from it's original state by King Robbo who has an ongoing art feud with Banksy and has modified several of Banksy's original pieces throughout London. However, despite the slight adjustment it looks pretty good! 

Here it is!!!

First photo is of the original piece
The rest of the photos were taken by yours truly!

For more info on this piece click here 

(Original photo--not taken by me) 

Music Tuesday--Hocus Pocus

While on my travels to Europe I picked up this CD from French Hip Hop group Hocus Pocus in Paris for Pato. It was his only request and I have to say, It was a damn good one.  

Check em' out!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños to Curtis!!!



Here is your birthday recipe

4 quarts of frosty MAC make-up
3 cups of Taylor Lautner
2 tablespoons of Sheriff Pat Davis
1 sparkly layer of wolf pack

Friday, April 2, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños to my AMAZING SISTER!!!

You may hate me for this...

Happy birthday to you!!

Your Birthday cake recipe
4 quarts of eclectic outfits from mod cloth
3 cups of big Mexican hair
2 tablespoons of problem free car affairs
1 counseling session for all the verbal abuse you put up with growing up with me
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