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Monday, April 19, 2010

29 things to do before your 30

You would think this would be an easy task, but it's actually been a bit difficult for me to create such a list.
I actually completed 2 of the things on my list just the week before and figured it would be unfair to add them to this one. However, they are good enough to be honorably mentioned.

 Travel to Europe (London and Paris) 
Mis amigas de traveling pantolones D and Al!
 Visit Abbey Road

29 things to do before I turn 30

  1. Take mi Madre and Padre out to dinner
  2.  Hike up the La Luz Trail
  3. Travel out of the country again (Canada, Thailand or anywhere with a beach)
  4. ORGANIZE (we have a paper pile that we could use if we ever ran out of toilet paper)
  5. Learn to make an amazing crêpe and a proper French dinner and serve it up.
  6. Write to my Grandmother and send her photos of my travels 
  7. Paint and decorate the TV room in our home (take all the random shit down)
  8. Use my Crock Pot more
  9. Learn to Sew (this is part of Domestically Disabled Challenge) 
  10. Build Something from knock off wood blogspot
  11. Give 10% of my income to Savings
  12. Write more cards and letters to friends
  13. Help out a stranger 
  14. Take a Piano Lesson 
  15. Get an expensive bottle of wine and share it with good friends
  16. Take my sister and bro out to a movie
  17. Stay in a Yurt (any yurt will do, but I will try hard to stay in one @ the Tree Bones Resort)
  18. Hike the Grand Canyon and see The Waterfalls of Havasupai
  19. Focus on learning Porteño style Spanish and get info on teaching English in Argentina.
  20. Get at least 2 acrobatic moves down for Capoeira
  21. Run a half marathon or 10k in the fall 
  22. Take a drive on the Coast (any coast)
  23. Buy myself or someone else flowers every other month
  24. Go to the local growers market in Nob hill and cook a dish with the ingredients that I buy
  25. Ride my bike to work at least five times
  26. Make a gourmet cupcake  click here
  27. Own a Le Crueset pot
  28. Paint my kitchen
  29. Surprise Pato

Here were a few suggestions from my friends that did not make the list. 
  1. Get shot in a drive-by and survive
  2. sky dive
  3. have a baby
  4. Pow wow at the Gathering of Nations
  5. Tattoo my face
  6. Eat blow fish
  7. Drink my own pee

Cheers amigos!

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