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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wu-Tang Clan Nickname Generator

click here to enter the Wu-Tang Clan nickname generator.

I decided to take it upon myself to enter a few names for my friends and family...

Here are the rizzzzzz-aults: 

Bandida: Respected Wizard (Wizard skizzard....ehhh)

Pato: Vizual Lover (I all of a sudden have Barry White playing in my head)

De-yah-nah: Bittah Mastermind (Bittah mastermind with eclectic outfits suckkah)

Mom: E-ratic Menace  (oh mah, you sooo crazy)

Dad/Nick: Amazing Bastard  (hah)

La Sassy: Misunderstood Ninja (Misunderstood and understood after a few verbal lashings)

Rosita: Sarkastik Ninja (So fitting.)

Allison: Irate Ninja (Ninja? Yes. Irate? No. Take a beer to go ninja style from a Scottish bar? hell yes.)

Jeremy: Wicked Prophet (In training) 


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