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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's go to bed!

So, I had a $15 coupon from Urban Outfitters and I had to use by the end of the week.
So I went shopping for the best deal I could find on the website. I was looking at sweaters and their apartment collection and found this great duvet and sham set for under $40 bucks.  Then I applied my handy dandy coupon and got it for $20 bucks!
If that's not a great deal on a bedroom set, I don't know what is!  Check out their sale for other great stuff!
Have  a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. I love the pic for your blog, so alive! I love getting good deals on sets because you hardly find them, lucky you.

  2. oH i forgot. The empanadas I'm sure you could bake them but not sure for how long. With goya's discs at least..... TRY IT FOR 20 MINS OR UNTIL YOU SEE THEM GOLDEN BROWN.

  3. I LOVE your new header! And your bedset!!! Very cool! And that price!!!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the empanada advice! I'm hoping I don't mess up dinner too bad! LOL
    Thank you both for the compliment on the new header! You both inspired me to change it up a bit. I go to your blogs and feel inspired and then I come back to mine and I'm like wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhh...I hope you guys are having a great day!


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