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Friday, October 29, 2010

Exercising with the elements

It's getting chilly outside and all I feel like doing is sipping hot tea or coffee by the fire.
During my chat with my amiga in Sweden this morning, we both agreed that the hardest part of working out in the winter is just getting out there! We were both swimmer in college and it seems that waking up in the early morning and jumping into a pool of cold water has traumatized us a bit. Ha ha well, maybe traumatized me a bit.
So the question do you motivate yourself to exercise in cold weather?! 
Well, I always default on getting the essential cute element friendly outfit.
Here are a few of my favorites!

Keeping your ears and brain warm:                                  

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1. Upper left corner:  Lululemon Brisk Run Earwarmer $16.00 
2. Nike lightweight running skull cap *This cap comes with a hole in the back for your ponytail!$9.97
3. Lole women's heat head band  *Is UPF 50 and is made from eco-friendly material oh yeah odor elminating and quick drying*$17.95

To keep your digits warm:    


1) Manzella Spring Lightweight running glove:  Control tax grip on palms, great for cycling and running. breathable and moisture wicking. $15.00
2) Lululemon W's Brisk Run Glove: I love this glove! It's always sold out though :-( $28.00
3) Adidas Ultra Tech Running Glove : Key pocket on the palm and climalite technology. $9.99

To keep your soul warm:

 1) Nike Element Running Hoodie: Great all around hoodie. built in mitts at cuffs, highly reflective and dry fit technology. $70
2) Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie: Bright and very reflective, also cute enough to run errands in. $85.00
3) The North Face Impulse Hoodie: This hoodie is super cute and has lots of pockets to stash your cards and keys. Reflective material for those late night runs or early morning runs. Vapor wick technology to keep you warm and not stinky! $70

To keep your stems warm:

1) Adidas Women's 3/4 running tights: Cute colors and it includes a storage pocket in the back for (keys, credit cards, etc) Provides muscles support and keeps you warm. $48.24
2) Nike Skapris: Hello! How cute are these? A modest approach to the running skirt and perfect for colder temperatures. $65.00

**Sorry for the late post folks! Blogger was fighting with me! Have a great weekend! Keep warm!!

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