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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Music Tuesday--Dion and the Belmonts

 Runaround Sue

Last night I went to karaoke at Blackbird Buvette and met up with a few amigos and happily got  to see Alanna from downiforgot blogspot who was passing through town on her way to LA. She ended up performing the best version of Runaround Sue that I'm sure I'll ever see in my life. I'm glad I got off my ass and went out to witness the hilarity that ensued.


  1. i wish you could have taped alanna's rendition. i miss everyone you've mentioned in this post and everyone associated-alanna, brendan, you, sue. :( que triste!

  2. Weber was there too! Going out with them made me miss you so much. I didn't really realize my phone had video till the next day. Doh!! I love you friend!! Come back soon, let's happy hour!


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