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Friday, January 28, 2011

Señor Spotlight

In recent post I told you guys that my Señor and I went up to Santa Cruz to remodel a bathroom for his sister. I helped with the demolition and assisted on the construction a little bit. But honestly, I spent most of the time playing with Pato's 2 yr old niece, and even learned how to change a diaper. Eek!

Anyways, my amor has finished the job and it looks brilliant! He is so talented and I honestly can't wait till we remodel our bathroom.
Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend.



  1. damn thats some real talent fo sho... u look too sexy for those pants thought jajajajaj (not a lesbian remark just singint he song ...u know "im too sexy for my shirt" lol)

  2. DAAAMMMNNN its beautiful!!! how awesome its always handy to know a handyman! que sepa en todo!

  3. The bathroom looks amazing! Please feel free to come by my house, and have your senor tear apart my bathroom while we have mojitos in the sala. ;)

    As always, I love your blog!


  4. Thank you guys for your lovely comments and thank you for visiting Bandida Blog! I love stopping by all of your blogs and checking out what is new. So, don't stop writing or else I'll be very sad.
    @Li Yes, let's definitely do that. I call it "Supervising" hehe!
    @La cabrona--you crack me up chica!
    @BGB: So true! I just can't wait till he starts remodeling our bathroom.

  5. Awesome job!

    I don't think I could tackle a project like that, but I'd certainly like to help.

  6. That is truly impressive. I remember when I got my house and went through all of that. Hate construction work but the end results are always so worth it. You a handy gal too!

  7. I love it! That sink is just perfect! Great job and team work!


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