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Monday, April 18, 2011


Well everyone it's been almost a year since I wrote the post of 29 things to do before your 30.  It has been a crazy year with so much wonderful and positive change. However, all of the crazy change has me really excited to enter my 30's!  Now don't get me wrong, there is still a small part of me that feels that I am every Mexican mother's nightmare. I can't sew, I'm not married, I live with my boyfriend, y sin hijos <--ay dios mio! However, my mother is a wonderful woman who knows I'm just doing me, and knows I'm just holding out for the right time. I trust that life works out the way it's suppose to, and by battling against it I'm only doing myself a disservice.
Okay, back to the list! Now I didn't actually complete everything on my list, and failure to do so doesn't bother me one bit.  Most of the incomplete task were due to some positive changes that happened in my life, and some of it was just that time caught up with me.  With that in mind, I decided to focus on what I did complete over this last year. Gracias a dios for blogging, because I was able to go back and reflect on my wonderful 29th year of life.

6. Write to my Grandmother and send her photos of my travels 
    I was happy to be able to send my Abuelita a thank you card with some photos of my travels to Paris and London. It was because of her generous Christmas gift, as well as some help from my parents that I was able to have a wonderful trip in Europe. I sent her a photo of this picture and this picture.

7. Paint and decorate the TV room in our home (take all the random shit down)
    This was such a rewarding task, I am so happy my Señor and I were able to tackle this room and really turn it around. You can see some before and afters here.

8. Use my Crock Pot more
    I didn't use my Mercedes crock pot as much as I wanted.  However, I did make some amazing pulled pork tacos and the Señor loved them. Tip: Make and use your own salsa. The store bought salsa won't do this recipe justice.  Recipe here.

12. Write more cards and letters to friends. 
     I have actually become better at this, I try to send Christmas cards to my friends in Europe every year. Even though it seems that they arrive well after Christmas has happened. Note to self: Send cards/gifts earlier to Europe.  You can check out a wonderful gift pack I received from my friend D from the UK here.

13. Help out a stranger 
      I can't really recall helping out a stranger per-say, but I tried to be more helpful in my life in general. It seems nowadays that folks are quick to say NO, and I tried to steer away from that a little bit more.

20. Get at least 2 acrobatic moves down for Capoeira
     Wow, i actually accomplished this goal my Aú sim mao (cartwheel no hands) and Aú Batido (broken cartwheel) . I am no longer participating in Capoeira. I do miss the workout, and of course my Capo family, but my budget doesn't allow me to participate. One day I will return to capoeira, Até então meus amigos!  Photo from my first batizado here.

21. Run a half marathon or 10k in the fall.
      This was such a rewarding time for me. After I was laid off from my job, I was in a bad way and was really becoming unrecognizable to myself. Running helped me push through my hard times, and helped me realize that I can tackle any challenge as long as I believed in myself to do it. Post on my 10k run here and my Half Marathon run here. 

22. Take a drive on the Coast (any coast)
      My Señor and I were able to take a drive along two beautiful coast. In August we drove along the beautiful Oregon coast (recap here) and part of the Northern California coast in between San Francisco and Santa Cruz (recap here and here). 

Even though the time is up for the 29 things to do before your 30, I'm still going to try and cross things off the list. Because even though I didn't make them in the time frame I allocated for myself, It doesn't mean I didn't want to complete them.  I'll be working on  30 things to do in my 30's soon, It's always fun to make fun goals, and approach things that are scary to us, like sewing. Ohhh scary!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I had a great last weekend in my twenties celebrating with my amore & closest friends having a few drinks and laughs before my insane finals week. 

Cheers to 30!!




  1. aww you are such a sweetheart. Living by your rules is the way to go your mom, I'm sure is so proud! Happy birthday beloved may all of your desires manifest!

  2. Happy Birthday! You are going to rock your 30!!!!

  3. Thank you bonitas! Your presence on this blog keeps it going. Thank you for all the well wishes and love.

  4. Happy Birthday and CONGRATS!!! You must be so proud of yourself for having accomplished sooo damn much girl!

    30 is the beginning... (no, not of our bodies falling apart and becoming decrepit old maids, LOL) It's just the beginning of even more adventures!! Salud to the next ten years, then the next, and the next...until past 100, where you will grow, and learn and love and teach the world the lessions you've learned along the way. Salud, Salud, SALUD!


  5. Felicidades and yay for crossing things off the list.


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