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Monday, May 21, 2012

Eclipse 2012

Yesterday we joined a bunch of enthusiastic people to catch a glimpse of the eclipse and it did not disappoint. It turns out Albuquerque was one of the best places to catch the eclipse. There was all sorts of people who came in from out of town just to see it.
  My mother and I went to the National Museum of Nuclear History and Science to check it out. They had the astronomical society there with their bad ass telescopes and a few stations set up with information on the eclipse. It was basically a huge nerd gathering and I loved it!
My mother and I were able to catch some pretty good photos with our iPhones and even snapped some photos of people watching the eclipse. Basically, it was hilarious to look at people staring at the sun so intensely.
I hope you all got to catch a glimpse of the eclipse where ever you are.
Here is a few photos of the eclipse that we caught. Also, a few photos of some extreme sun starers.

Have a great week! 


  1. I admit, it was pretty cool to see a bunch of people out on the street all staring up at the sky to catch a glimpse (hopefully with the protective glasses). We didn't get to see the moon completely eclipse the sun in LA. At peak time (6:38 pm) it was a crescent shape. There were some clouds hiding the eclipse a little, but it was still visible. Pretty freaking cool.

    1. Yeah, we got pretty lucky here. There was all sorts of people who came from out of state to catch the eclipse here in ABQ. It was pretty freaking cool, and it was fun dorking out with a bunch of strangers. I'm glad you got to catch a glimpse!

  2. You must be pretty busy ... haven't seen you hitting the keyboards here so, of course, your writings are missed. I'm finally returning to ABQ for good. Can't wait ... I was so sad to not have been there to see the eclipse. it was pretty hidden behind clouds from where I was. ~M

    1. Hi Maria,
      Yes, I've been crazy busy! I'm happy to hear you're moving back to the wonderful Land of Enchantment. The monsoons have been rolling in making the sunsets amazing here.
      Cheers and happy travels!


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