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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: NM Wedding Blog and Save the Dates!

Here is my first wedding post!  Woo HOO!! Finally, right?!

I wanted to start off by sharing our budget friendly save the dates.
The Señor and I were devastated when we came home from getting engaged in Colorado to find out our big pine tree had died. Our neighbor a few doors down had come over when we were finally having it cut down and told us that he had planted the tree back in 1972. It took every ounce of will power in me to not burst into tears in front of our neighbor. It was sad, but the tree wasn't the same after a harsh winter in 2011 and we were afraid that it might give and fall on our house..or worse someone walking their dog. Yikes!


The good news is that we didn't waste any part of our old tree. We have used the trunk for firewood during the winter and we used the branches to create our lovely save the dates.


Save the Dates

When we first started thinking about getting our save the dates, I wasn't quite sure where to start looking or what we wanted. I wanted to do something outside the box and creative. So I started looking on Etsy and found some great wood save the date magnets! However, the prices were not anywhere close to being within our budget. Thankfully, I thought of our dear ol' dead pine tree and got inspired to make our own save the dates with the help of my future husband.

 Here is how we did it:
  • We had a custom stamp made on Etsy with our wedding date on it.
  • Bought some pretty bronze ink at a local craft store and a magnet roll
  • I had the Señor cut our pine tree branches into cool little round disc and sand them down.
  • I stamped each of the wood disc with the nifty stamp and secured a strip of magnet to the back of each wood disc with wood glue. (we used super glue at first, but that didn't work as well) 
  • We also printed out a free printable from that included our wedding website and venue information. 
  • Voilà!!! Simple, environmentally and budget friendly save the dates! 
Our friends and family loved our creative save the dates and so did our wallets.

Next up: NM Wedding Blog and Teresa Romero. 

Yesterday, when I first started creating this post I saw some very exciting news on Facebook.  My lovely friend and wedding dress designer Teresa Romero was going to be featured on in a podcast interview. When I listened to the interview this morning it brought back so many great memories of having my dress custom made and the unique and wonderful experience I had. Teresa really captured the vintage and classic look I was going for. I felt so comfortable in my wedding dress that it was easy to celebrate and dance on my wedding day. 

Please check out the wonderful website for amazing information about getting married in New Mexico and to listen to the podcast featuring the talented Teresa Romero. 

Check out Teresa's wonderful blog: The Deisgner's Lounge. 

My wedding dress sketch by Teresa Romero
Photo by Mooxie Photography

Thank you guys!! I hope you enjoyed my first Wedding Wednesday blog post! 

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