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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Namaste, Baby

I'm writing this blog post on my iPhone while sitting in the bathtub. TMI? I think not. I'm just embracing my new life as a multi-tasking mom. It's also cold outside and I needed to warm my bones. 

Yesterday, I decided to venture outside my typical day and attend a mama-baby yoga class. I showed up late which is sort of a bummer. Lucía and I are still working on perfecting our get out the door routine. After we got settled in I pulled Lucía out of her car seat and laid her on the mat like all the other moms had done with their babies.  I was amazed to see all these calm babies just lying there while their moms relaxed in child's pose. I put Lucía down on my Matt,  took a deep breath, and joined the other moms in child's pose. Next  the teacher instructed us to go into downward dog.. I looked up at Lucía and she busted up laughing at me. I immediately started laughing and went back to child's pose. I was about to get embarrassed, but then I realized the other moms were laughing with me. It was a nice start to my first mama-baby yoga experience. 
Now even though the class was relaxing, it was also a hell of a workout. We did planks, ab work and wall sits with baby. During one of the wall sits one of the babies started to cry. I swear that baby was communicating what my burning thighs were feeling. It felt good though! 
What made me so happy is that Lucía had a great time. She smiled and laughed at all the other moms and babies. It truly brightened my day. Even though at times the class was a bit overwhelming. Especially when the coughing snotty baby crawled toward Lucía and tried to touch her. I found my peace and truly enjoyed the class. I even met a few moms who invited me to lunch and a walk. I can't wait till the next class, but until then I will utilize the moves I learned in class at home. 

What sort of mom-baby classes do you attend or recommend? Let me know! 
         Spit bubbles with your namaste?

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