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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bandida Deal

So, I've been aching to get a new pair of shoes for a while.  
However, I've been trying to be more frugal and lately I've had hard time paying full price for anything. Yep, that even includes cute adorable Seychelles shoes. So, I've been waiting for months for these shoes to go on sale and they just won't! So I decided to work some search engine magic and came across..
I searched on for (online shoe store with a great selection) and came up with a 40% cash back promotion. So those $100 dollar shoes I was aching for had finally become affordable!
They do have other deals going on with other stores so just take a look around! 
Here is your chance amigo! Act fast though, the deal ends July 30th!!
F.Y.I. read the fine print amigos** you're cash back deal does takes 60 days after purchase to kick in. 
I am now a proud owner of these cute adorable platform clogs!!

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