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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ever have those days where you wonder..who is really there for me? 
My response to this question is always familia.
I think that sometimes we tend to put our families on the back burner to drama and things that just don't really matter. 
Sometimes, finding true hope and happiness is just as easy as focusing on the great people who have always been there.

Here are some pretty cool photos that my father had sent me of my mother and him from when they first  started dating and when they first got married. I absolutely love them, I especially love their fashion sense. 
I  know that I would have totally borrowed clothes from my mother and not returned them.

la chulaa
nick and blanca day 01 copy


  1. Look at them so young! Diana is practically your mother at that age. As an adopted sister I love these photos

  2. WE Love you Sassy! I know, it's freaky how much my sister looks like my mother. I can't get over my father's bell bottoms. HAHA oh the 70's!

  3. These photos are great!

  4. Thank you Sarah! I thought so too, it's so funny to see your parents at that age.


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