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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weather Records and Free Downloads

So this week has been amazing in regards to weather!
My city set back-to-back records in heat and precipitation! For example on Wednesday I went for a run around my neighborhood and it was a beautiful 65 degrees and I was in a T-shirt. New Mexico set a record high for this day and had ski/snowboard bums crying everywhere.  Well, it looks like the weather gods felt their tears because it's rained/snowed all day long on Thursday and Friday morning. So, This crazy NM weather lead to my first ever run in the flurries and it felt awesome! However, this NM chile loving girl needed some motivation to get out in the 33 degree weather.
 So, thanks to my hilarious facebook friends who gave me this advice and motivation:

Greg: the Navajo Way is to roll around in the first snow and holler out loud:) (There was not enough snow to do this awesome suggestion by Greg. But I will definitely do it next time) 

Haroon: Imagine yourself as Rocky training against Ivan Drago in Krasnoyarsk, Soviet Union. (Rocky IV) (I'm not going to lie, this actually helped get me out there. Visualization is key!) 

What is your motivation to run in the cold? I'm looking at your northerners!

On the topic of motivation I was able to jam out to some new music today! I discovered free music downloads on the Nike Women Facebook page.  They have some great artist from Japan and Sweden that motivated me to keep my pace up and on occasion sing along. (Sorry for all the dog walkers I scared out there with my singing.)
So, get your free downloads and add some new motivation and mix to your daily workout routine! 
Click Here. 

Here are a couple of my faves!
First Aid Kit: Sailor Song

The Suzan: Home

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  1. I found that I didn't mind the cold in NY too much. It was in the 30s, but kinda sunny. I've run in LA cold before and read enough on blogs to know how to layer. With gloves, hat (or headband to cover my ears), running tights, long-sleeved base layer and sweater I was more than fine.

    It took a lot more motivation today to get myself out in the rain in LA today. I would've gone to the gym, but I hate the gym.

    I will say, that the cold/rain is only okay for shorter runs. Anything over an hour is too much.


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