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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Tuesday--Accordion La Valse d'Amelie

This time last year I couldn't sleep because I was getting super excited about my trip to Europe. Now I can't sleep because school has my mind racing like a hamster wheel, and crappy television is not the cure. It's interesting to look back a year ago and observe how much has changed. Even though I have a sick case of insomnia, I'm very happy where I am in my life right now. I no longer have the job that paid for me to go to Europe, but I do have the great feeling of moving forward towards accomplishing my goals.
Although a lot of change has occurred in the past year one thing remains the same, and that is my love for the Amelie soundtrack by Yann Tiersen. This soundtrack always makes my heart flutter (it was the first movie the Señor and I watched together), and it always helps me chill out when I feel like I'm going 1000mph down hill.  With all the exams and mid-terms filling up my brain space, I've decided to make room for some of my good Euro trip memories. Last year I fell in love with walking on the cobble stone streets London, Paris, and Edinburgh, and the sounds of the music that came up from them. One of my favorite memories was riding on the Paris Metro and hearing the echo of an accordion flow through the tunnels. I never thought I would love the accordion so much, but it truly is a beautiful instrument. It has a sound that has engraved itself in my heart and the happy place in my brain.
Dave Thomas playing La Valse d'Amelie on the accordion:



  1. Enjoyed that piece on the accordian.
    (its been a long time since I heard one)

  2. This took me right to Paris...beautiful!

  3. I miss Paris! Our trip there was too short. I can't wait till I return one day with my honey, and visit some non-touristy locations of the city.


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