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Monday, May 16, 2011

30 @ 30

Hello everyone,
It's good to be back. I've taken an unexpected mini-break from the blog, twitter, and facebook to just sort of unwind from the social-network web and focus on other things. I've done some much needed spring cleaning around the house, watched episodes of "The Tudors",  done some reading, yoga, and have started running again. I think it's good to step away from our normal routine and focus on other things every once in a while. It does help keep things interesting.
So, with my extra time, I was got to thinking about my  29 things to do before you're 30 list, and how I enjoyed it, and thought it would be a good idea to write another one. I guess I enjoy setting mini-goals for myself, and it's sort of fun to challenge yourself by writing down those "I wish I could do that.." task.  Also, I sort of enjoy writing lists. It's silly I know, but it helps me get my "stuff" done.
So here we go..

30 @ 30
  1.  Hike up the La Luz Trail
  2.  Get a city library card   **Completed September 6, 2011**
  3. Participate in a long trail run
  4. Turn off my cell phone and focus on the people I'm with more
  5. Paint the kitchen
  6. Learn how to fold an origami paper crane
  7. Make this pallet shelf for the living room. **Completed July 7, 2011**
  8. Make a table for our dining room 
  9. Make dinner for our friends/family and serve them at our new table
  10. Put a chalkboard slate in the baño after it's been remodeled. (inspiration here)
  11. Hang these prints somewhere in our home.  This one and this one 
  12. Learn to play a song on the piano
  13. Stay in a Yurt
  14. Purchase a bird feeder for the backyard **Completed September 6, 2011**
  15. Finish the Harry Potter Series before watching the movies
  16. Make this apple braid bread. Yummy!  **Completed 5.22.2011**
  17. Make french toast kabobs. Yummy!
  18. Be kind and don't hold grudges
  19. Study hard
  20. Road trip to somewhere **Completed September 6, 2011**
  21. Volunteer somewhere or for an event
  22. Support a friends cause
  23. Walk more
  24. Take my amore out to a nice dinner and leave him a love note on his car
  25. Look up my family history
  26. Write a letter to my future self
  27. Stay off facebook and twitter for a whole week
  28. Spend the night somewhere haunted  **Completed September 6, 2011**
  29. Bring pizza to a street outreach group
  30. Smile at 100 strangers   **Completed July 6, 2011**

Here were a few suggestions from my friends that did not make the list.
  • Visit a bedding store in my pj's
  • Spend one hour in an elevator getting to know strangers
  • Punch anyone who says anything bad about New Mexico or Albuquerque
  • Steal a car and then crash it 
  • Climb up a tree and start meowing loudly at people who walk by

1 comment:

  1. Great list! Good luck! Your friends suggestions cracked me up. Do not do those things ever, lol especially climb up a tree and meow loudly LOL


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