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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st

Happy November Everyone!
We are stoked for this month. We are looking forward to the kick off of lots of family and friend time, good eating, and TURKANZA!! 
This year our Turkanza party will be all about celebration.  Turkanza helps us celebrate birthdays, big events, and this year our engagement. We wouldn't be anything without our friends and family and Turkanza gives us a chance to say thanks and catch up with all our amigos! We can't wait to see everyone and have good conversation by the bonfire and stuff up on green chile turkey!

On a side note: I've included this photo of a praying mantis that was hanging out on our screen door. I thought for sure this guy was dead after coming out on a freezing ABQ morning and seeing him lifeless. Much to my surprise he was still kicking after I gently poked him with my foot. The praying mantis was moved to our sunny backyard and has been hanging out there ever since. Nothing like a little sunshine to save the day.

Cheers amigos!

Praying Mantis

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