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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
It was a frantic trip, but the Señor and I managed to run to the store after work/class and pick up some candy bars for the kiddos and carve a pumpkin before the trick or treating started. We don't really get many kids that come trick or treating around our neighborhood, because we are sort of on a hidden street. However, the Señor solves this problem by walking up to the candy bowl and saying "Trick or treat" and taking the candy for himself. Oh well, I guess It doesn't go to waste if someone is eating it.
I hope all you Ghouls and Gentlegoblins are having a great holiday! I think the current chilly weather calls for some hot chocolate and a trip to the candy bowl.


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  1. So cute! I went after work to get candy too, and as I waited like the witch who waits for Hansel and Gretel, I decided to stop being a creepy old lady and just eat the damn candy myself. LOL It was good. I buy good candy. LOOOOOL

    But hey, I thought of you on Halloween (weird, right bc we haven't met) but as I sat there watching Ghost Hunters Live I was thinking of your post where you and your Senor went to that haunted hotel... it still spooks me!

    Who needs ghosts when I manage to scare myself. LOL!

    Halloween for me was full of chocolate, scary TV, and checking out my sister 100 costumes over that weekend. ;-)



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