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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Time

I love this time of year in NM.
The mild temperatures are starting to give way to cool mornings and chilly nights. It's the type of weather that makes you bust out the down comforter from the depths of your closet and wrap yourself up burrito style and settle in with a nice cup of tea. However, holding the cup of tea may be difficult if you have yourself wrapped up burrito style. You're going have to figure out a way to free an arm. Anyways, you get my drift.
Last weekend we met with the talented Mooxie to take a few photos. Patrick and I were a bit nervous about taking engagement photos, but Helin is definitely a professional at what she does and we had tons of fun with it!
Helin recently sent me a couple of photos from our shoot and I am so happy how they came out. We really wanted to capture the fall season with our photos because the Señor and I originally wanted to get married in the fall, but my school schedule may have made things difficult to do that. Fall time truly is a wonderful time of year here in NM, and taking photos down by the cottonwood trees that line the river was a great way to capture that.
Cheers amigos!


  1. You are beautiful! And look so happy! These pictures are awesome!!!

  2. Very beautiful I must say. You truly radiate happiness, it's crazy! Fab shoes btw!


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