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Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy Albuquerque

On October 1st about two hundred protesters marched down Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico to demonstrate against corporate greed. This response came in part to the national call to stand in solidarity with the protesters who have set up camp on Wall Street in NYC.
Upon showing up to the protest I noticed it was a small, but very loud crowd. It seemed as time went on the crowd grew bigger. I had come to the scene with curiosity and with my trusty camera wanting to know a little bit more about what the 99% was all about. 
Just like many people in America I saw the video of the female protesters getting maced as well as protesters getting arrested with no just cause during the Occupy NYC demonstration, and was horrified.  I was hoping that an event like that would not occur at this protest.  Thankfully our police department handled the protest quite well, and there was no incident.
By then end of the protest and after a few shots with my trusty camera, I left the protest informed and moved by the passion of our American people.
We are the 99%.
1. We are in solidarity with the global occupancy movement.
2. We are here to inform and empower the people.
3. We are working against corruption to find cooperative solutions as a community
4. We challenge systems that compromise (access to) basic human needs.
Our Streets
Expect Us.
What about my future?

Occupy 66
Great video made of the events on October 1st.


  1. wow! im glad the PD handled it better over there. I think the overall movement for change is admirable and its getting attention. change never happens in silence.


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