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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mooxie Art & Photography

Just like any other engaged couple out there, the Señor and I have heard the horror stories of wedding photographers either delivering terrible wedding photos or none at all. Since we got engaged and started planning our wedding, I’ve always knew that I wanted beautiful photos of our wedding, and that I wanted my girl Helin Montgomery aka as Mooxie to be our wedding photographer.  I've known Helin since we were 15, and believe it or not we use to break dance together back in the day. Today, Helin is still the best break-dancer I know and her Art & Photography talents are both breathtaking and inspiring.
You can imagine my excitement when Helin let me know that she had our date free to shoot our wedding. Not only are the Señor and I blessed to have such an amazing photographer, but also are so excited to know that our good friend will be taking all the special shots on our day. 
We have scheduled an engagement photos session with Mooxie and can't wait to get our mugs snapped by her.  I'll make sure to share the photos with you all as soon as they come in.
I know I am moving along fast on this wedding planning, but it's sort of my style. 
I figure,
Work hard now to sort out details.
Relax and get married. 
I hope all is well with you amigos and I wish you all a great weekend. 
Please enjoy these amazing photos from De la Mooxie Photography and pay her website a visit!
The talented Mooxie


on the good path


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  1. Hey, Congratulations and Best wishes on your engagement. Mooxie's work looks wonderful and it's just fantastic that she will not only be able to share the day with you and Senor but she will also be a partner in creating the memories. Just wonderful! ~M


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