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Friday, February 17, 2012

iPhone club

I joined the iPhone club and so far I'm loving it. Whats even cooler is that I'm blogging from my iPhone, so maybe now you'll see post from me more frequently. For my fellow iPhone users out there, what are your favorite apps?

Have a good weekend!!


  1. Welcome to the dark side!!! Ok, so Instagram for sure, I like GLMPS because it takes 5 seconds of video before the picture.

    I've got a bunch of picture editor apps too, pinterest, Blogger... It depends on what you're into though!

    Ooh we should do a google+ hangout one day! That's a good app.

  2. Thanks Li! Have you tried Kintopic yet? It's a trippy phone app.
    Thanks for the reccomendations Amiga!


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