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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Waking Up

Hello everyone!
Feliz Año Nueva Azteca!  Happy Mexica New Year!
I did an extensive Google search this past week and called a few places to see if there was going to be an Mexica New Year ceremonies, but sadly I came out with nothing. It's situation like these that make me wish  I lived in a city like LA or San Francisco.

I'm officially on spring break. It's odd because a few of my classmates outside of my nursing courses have all these amazing trips and activities planned. As for us die-hard pre-nursing students, our plans are reading a ton of literature over the break in order to get ahead in our classes.  It's funny how my 30 year old nursing student self is such a stark contrast from my 20 year old college self. Of course, I'm not going to have my nose stuck in my academics the whole break. I do plan on making time to fit in a few long runs, and reading something unrelated to school work.  I'm thinking I'm going to begin the Hunger Games series. I haven't met anyone yet with anything negative to say about it, so I'm going to give it a chance.

Last night we had an amazing snow storm. It was so unreal, because we didn't expect it to be that heavy at all. However, in pure NM fashion it was all melted by 10:00 the next morning. I was sort of happy about this because I had a long run scheduled today by the river and I didn't feel like getting all muddy. My eight mile run by the river was a tough one. I haven't run that far in a long time. It also didn't help that my mid-terms had me slacking on the mileage this week. However, the essence of spring time was all over the place. The cyclist on the trail were extra cheery and there was a lot of active wildlife around. I especially enjoyed the part of my run when the Bird Watching club of Albuquerque cheered me on as I ran past them. You could almost feel people coming out of their winter funks. The feeling was contagious because this "waking up" feeling stuck with me throughout the whole eight mile run.

Are you guys coming out of your winter funk?
Have a great week amigos!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't heard of any Mexica new year events. I have heard of a lot of events for women's month.

    Enjoy the break!


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