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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One-Way Southwest ticket giveaway!

To celebrate the Bandida Blog I am giving away 1 free one-way ticket from Southwest Airlines.
Pato and I are unable to use the ticket because I will be traveling to Europe in March and Pato has a busy schedule working at O'Niell's. So here is your chance to get away for half the price!

Here's the scoop: 
  • You have to be able to travel before March 27th, 2010 and it has to be somewhere Southwest Airlines flies. 
  • I have to personally know you. Sorry, no randoms folks allowed in the contest. 
    • You will have to send Bandida a post-card or bring back a souvenir from wherever you travel. 
    •  To Enter: Post a comment on this blogpost with the words "BANDIDA BOMB!"  And tell me where you would go with your free 1-way ticket!
    • I will be using to pick a winner on Friday January 15th, 2010 @ 12:00pm 


    1. BANDIDA BOMB! rocks my world! I love you Justicia y Pato! I'd fly to Philly for some brotherly love. Mmmmm.

    2. BANDIDA BOMB! I would go to San Fran... Loves it there!

    3. BANDIDA BOMB! If I tell you I'd probably go to ABQ, are you going to call me lame and eliminate me from the contest? If that's the case, put me down for Portland.

    4. BANDIDA BOMB! Yoyo, I'd go to San Diego to visit my cousin/his girly with my girly. Pa-chow!


    5. BANDIDA BOMB! I'd be headed to Tucson to go to a wedding with Adam and visit with his mom who will be with him from Cleveland! :) I will chop down one of those big saguaro cacti from their endless desert and ship it home with me!

    6. Oh BANDIDA BOMB! I'd love to visit my BFF I've yet to meet in NM! :-) except the postcard and the souvenir would be boring...? lol. If SW doesn't fly there, I'll take my amore to NYC for V-day! ;-) xoxo Kihiro

    7. Bandida Bomb!! It's Bobby Cox's last year as the manager of the Braves and I wanna go to Spring Training in Lake Buena Vista FL, also known as Orlando. Double bonus, the lululemon outlet just opened in Orlando and I'd be able to buy things at a discount rate, which is all I can afford! I'd bring you a signed baseball and some hot yoga pants!

      I would probably go back to Portland to visit my home slices there; You know which ones! And I would bring you back something muy hipster chic!

    9. BANDIDA BOMB!!! :)

      I would use the ticket to get me to a well-deserved vacation that I am planning during spring break, I'll be heading to Portland, OR to meet up with my friend Andrea (and hopefully see Monica too), then taking a ferry to Victoria Island for vacation!! :D

    10. BANDIDA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      oooh god.. i would use the ticket to go god only knows where.. point to a map and see where the adventure takes me.. or just take the first avail flight away from reality.. got every other weekend free and i could use some crazy cool adventures.... i would bring you back a post card and some crazy stories over beer. luff you poopie..

    11. BANDIDA BOMB!! What a fun idea and how very generous of you to offer give away your ticket. Where would I go? I would probably go to NM which wouldn't be very fun in terms of you receiving a postcard. However, being able to travel to NM would allow me to see my 96 year-old grandma who isn't in the best of help, perhaps get together with you (it's been many, many, many years and we are well overdue for a get-together), and visit O'Neills! Since I'd be traveling to NM where you are, I'd bring you some pint glasses from the best local brewery here in Lawrence instead of sending a postcard.

    12. Darn, I should proof read! I meant health, not help...

    13. Bandida BOMB!!! I would fly to LA with my lady love to swim in the ocean at Venice Beach. Or to San Fran. Maybe I would fly my ladyfriend somewhere to get insperminated. The possibilities are endless!!

    14. Bandida Bomb!! I would fly somewhere warm and defrost my toes in the sun and then defrost my organs with some chile. Alas, I doubt that southwest comes anywhere near this icy tundra so don't bother entering me in the contest. I just have a disorder where I have to type-shout BANDIDA BOMB! (oh look, there it goes again)

    15. Bandida Bomb. I would go to El Paso to visit my mom, I never get enough time to go. Good luck to me!!!!!!

      Joel Sanchez


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