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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Put you on my lists!

I've decided to take another visit to the good ol' 2010 resolution vault.

Resolution: Become more organized  at work and at home.

Organization for some people occurs naturally, for bandida it's a pain in the ass. I usually arrive 15 minutes late to everything and I usually lose everything once I've cleaned. However, I know in reality that I do enjoy a clean surface much more than a dirty one. I also tend to stay on budget and on task if I create a list and stick to it. As for the arriving on time thing, that will be a work in progress for life.

So, I've found some cute and handy list to help me start off my resolution. The first is a cute little grocery list from The Ghostly Ferns Blog (click here to download.)

Photos from Ghostly Ferns Blogspot

Last but not least, The Teux Deux List  from

"Teux Deux is a new, free, aesthetically pleasing and browser-based to-do list from the minds behind Swiss Miss and Fictive Kin. Not only is it beautiful, it also seems pretty useful. I say seems, because I’m still just looking at it right now and am not ready to report on its merit from a utilitarian standpoint." --

So, there is my jump start on getting organized in 2010. Of course it is a work in progress, but I thought I would share these list with my amigos out there who also have organization as a resolution for 2010 or if you are just one of those naturally organized people. :-)

Happy Wednesday!

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