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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

20 things to do before you're 30 update

Alright, So I'm off to an okay start with this list but I have a lot to do and I had to make a change on one the things on my list.    (which you can read by clicking here)

First off, the changes.  

18. Hike the Grand Canyon and see The Waterfalls of Havasupai
I will not be traveling to Arizona or supporting anything that comes from there as long as their poorly written law SB 1070  is in effect. I am showing nothing but support for those hardworking immigrants who are undocumented and or people who are directly effected by this unconstitutional law. 
  • I urge all my friends to help Albuquerque not turn into naziZONA by going and signing this petition. click here

 The update:
  • #4 ORGANIZE (we have a paper pile that we could use if we ever ran out of toilet paper) Has been taken care of. WE bought a file cabinet and a shredder and have put everything in it's proper place! 
  • #7 Paint and decorate the TV room in our home (take all the random shit down) This one is currently in progress and is coming along famously
 This is a glimpse of before. Dark, gross, and very ugly.

Painted white, cleaned and ready for re-organizing (More photos once the project is complete)

  • #23 Buy myself or someone else flowers every other month. 
 Curtis was the lucky guy in May!
flowers from the COOP

  • #20 Get at least 2 acrobatic moves down for Capoeira
I'm on a roll with this one! Yesterday I got my  Aú sem Mão (Cartwheel with no hands) and I'm close to getting my Macaco (back bend, kick over)

Aú sem Mão
Macaco em pé

 I have a lot to do on the list but It's been a fun challenge so far! Finishing up the living room, hiking up the La Luz trail and getting the Macaco em pe move down for capoeira are next to be scratched off!! 

More updates coming soon! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday!

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