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Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend whoa

This weekend was a busy but fulfilling one. Pato spent most of the weekend working on our friend Allen's deck in his backyard and I attempted to tackle the fireplace room again. It's all moving along fairly well and I hope to get the rest of the ceiling painted as well as add some color to the walls this upcoming Memorial weekend. However, the difficult task of finishing the bookshelves came to a conclusion this weekend and I'm STOKED about it. It is so much nicer to look to the north side of our home while relaxing in the fireplace room.

So here is a quick weekend recap:

Voted early in the Election. You can find an early voting site near you by clicking here.

Went birthday gift shopping for a friend at Lilly Barrack and visited my good friend Jimmy! The store in the NE heights is amazing and they have some great priced jewelry. So, all you ladies out there looking to put some nice sparkle on and not hurt your wallet, I suggest you pay a visit to Lilly and ask for Jimmy.
Key necklace from Lilly Barrack that was a gift fom my friend Jimmy

Sunday it was Huevos Rancheros at Mannies with my love and O'Neill's with my parents in the evening. Pato was sweet enough to take my family and I out to O'Neill's and of course it was fantastic.

Alright here is the finished bookshelf revamp.




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