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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Portland and Oregon Part 2

Our trip continues on with our last night stay on the coast. We went to Tillamook, OR and I sort of got a bad feeling in my gut about the place. So, we headed back up north and stayed in the quiet beach town ofRockaway Beach, OR. We stayed in a great motel on the beach called the Tradewinds Motel in which they had convenient beer bottle openers in the bathroom and  it was quiet and peaceful. We didn't have a room facing the ocean, but we could still hear it and it was awesome.

Here is a video of the uni-bomber (Pato) and me at Rockaway, Beach

The next morning we headed back to Portland bright and early and started our adventure back in Stumptown.  We went to Powell's book store and bought two books. Patrick bought a book about the history of Argentina and I bough a book about Evita Peron.  Yes, we always have Argentina on the mind. Powell's city of books is an independent book store that takes up a whole block. We seriously could have walked out with a whole library of libros, the selection was amazing!  Anyways, here is the rest of our trip via photos! Enjoy!!

Next up:
 Burnside Skate Park, Portland, OR. 
burnside skate park

Burnside skate park

Rose Garden, Portland OR


Japanese Garden, Portland OR
P8051386Matt & Pat

Mt. Hood Loop
Zig Zag Falls
tree on trail of zig zag falls
Multnomah Falls

I will wrap our trip with this amazing sunset that we were greeted with on the way home! That night we got to hang out with our good amiga Montse who is currently working hard in chiropractic school. We were happy she took break from studying the placenta to come out and hang with us Burqueños! Your shipment of green chile pistachios is almost on the way chica! 

As for Oregon, we will meet again soon!!


  1. Great shots love them! Especially the water, the effects are so cool. Love nature pics you catured some lovely ones.

  2. Thank You so much for the compliment :). Oregon made it easy to take some really nice photos, I recommend visiting there in the summertime and soaking in the beauty minus the rain!

  3. Beautiful beautiful pics!
    It looks like you had a good time!


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