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Friday, August 20, 2010

Que Hippie: bloop oatmeal

Today's Que Hippie post is brought to you by the very healthy and very cute Portland, Oregon food cart
bloop oatmeal! (spelled with lower cases) Que cute no?

Now, I have to be honest with you guys. When I wake up in the morning usually the first thing on my mind is not really a bowl of healthy oatmeal. I automatically crave Mexican huevos, huevos rancheros or anything with hot spicy NM green chile in it. So, it was sort of hard for me at first to understand how oatmeal could ever taste like anything other than well, oatmeal. 

Well amigos, bloop oatmeal has changed my whole perspective on the matter! 
First off, walking up to the cute cart which is owned by Matt & Kat will automatically put a smile on your face. The design of this cart is seriously adorable and it is very welcoming. According the bloop's blogspot the signs were designed by Haley Ann Robinson. 

So, Pato and I order our oatmeal. I order the Peanut Butter Banana Dreams and Pato gets the Strawberry Walnut Banana oatmeal. Matt serves it up warm while  wearing an apron that says "Watch Out, McDonald's!"

watch out Mc Donald's

We Dig in.....

Peanut butter banana dream

So, what's one way to describe how good bloop oatmeal is??

Well, bloop was sooo good that you will seriously consider slapping your mama for serving you up that box oatmeal crap all those years. 

 The bloop was amazing! After leaving Portland, I found myself waking up here in NM and actually craving a cup of oats from bloop. Not only does the amazing flavor of bloop oatmeal stick with you, but it actually had me adding oatmeal to my usual breakfast routine. Of course, I won't ever replace my huevos rancheros completely, but bloop has me thinking that oatmeal is not so boring anymore.

So, if you're in the Portland, Oregon area and are looking for a good start to your morning. Then head over and say Hola! to Matt & Kat at bloop oatmeal food cart. 

Feel yummy! 
Be healthy! 
Eat bloop!! 

bloop oatmeal

bloop oatmeal cart is serving hot oatmeal goodness from  7-10 am M-F. SW 3rd Ave between Stark & Washington in Portland, Oregon. 

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bloop oatmeal

bloop signage




  1. I love it! Love places like this!!! Where the owners remember you! And the food is good! Wish I was closer!!!

  2. Bloop Cart ..... love the name. You have a pretty neat blog here! ~Maria

  3. Marcela! I completely agree. We sort of have a food cart thing starting here where I live. But I think it will be a long time before we see a healthy cart set up. Oh well, at least it's good for a hangover.


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