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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th

June 08: Sunset
June 8th--Sunset
(Arizona Wildfire) Yes, We now live on Mars
I have to admit. I've cheated. These photos were taken yesterday at sunset, but I just  had to share how freaky the sun looked yesterday.
This pink/reddish looking sun is due to the Arizona wildfire that is currently 0% contained. The raging fire  has been affecting our air quality and visibility with a cloud of smoke that has made it's way to the Albuquerque area. These terrible conditions have been a huge bummer for us folks who like to exercise outside. The smoke really thickens at sunset and you can feel it burning in your lungs and hurting your eyes. It almost feels like we live on Mars. It's quite eerie.

DSC_0055 photo from Killbox on flickr
 This evening I tried to take a photo of the sunset hoping for a repeat of yesterday, but the smoke conditions have blocked out the sky so that you can't even see the mountains. So, I figured it would be better to just stay inside for health reasons.  I hope and pray that they contain the wildfire in AZ soon, and that no one gets hurt in the process of doing so or evacuating.

More info on the fire:


  1. Hi Laura -

    That's unbelievable that the Arizona fires are affecting you all in Albuquerque. From the looks of the city at night, I can see the gray haze in the sky over the city. That's not good for any outdoor exercising since you breath deeply inhaling and exhaling the toxins. Be careful there and God Bless you all in the south west. :)

  2. Thanks Charlie!
    yeah, thank God it cleared up quite a bit today. The last couple of days have been a bit unnerving.However, we are still playing it safe till we are sure the air quality has improved and it's safe to exercise outside. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and thank you for your thoughtful comment.


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