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Friday, August 12, 2011

Catch up

Hello Friday! Wow, this week has been a wonderful week of catching up. School has taken over my life lately and I've been trying to spend the past week calling, writing, and sending cards/gifts in the mail that have been sitting on my desk since this past April (eek). I am so fortunate to have an understanding group of friends that put up with my chronic lateness. 

In casa front news the Señor and I have also been keeping busy with a spontaneous back yard project that just spurted up. Of course, we are always great at tearing things apart. It's putting things back together that is the hard part. However, we do have a full weekend ahead of us and we hope to make some progress on all the projects that we have started. I promise to put a post on what we are doing soon.

In order to make up for my lack of post I wanted to take this time to highlight some of my favorite blogs. These Latina ladies are talented, smart and inspirational. I find myself going to their blogs and reading with a smile on my face, and inspire me to keep on writing on Bandida Blog.  Please take the time to visit and enjoy their blogs. 

Cindy is a Chicana PhD student and blogger born and raised in Los Angeles. She is currently training for her 2nd marathon like an all around bad ass. I love Cindy's blog because she has a great way of writing about her Chicana culture and a mix of all good things in life. Her blog is a great read.

LaLicenciada & HerDeepThoughts    

Li is a fabulous lawyer, blogger, actress, and  Puertorriqueña who does it all! Her blog is a great journey of inspiration and positive thoughts. She truly succeeds in spreading positive vibes and providing inspiration to her readers. 

Marcela is a Latina born in El Salvador and is the author of Culture Mami.  Her blog is also a great mix of being a great mom, running, and all while working full-time as an ICU nurse. I am sure when I decide to have a family of my own I will use her blog for "buena mamá" tips.

You can check a few of my other favorite blogs on the blog roll to your right. 
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words and links to me!!! I feel so special right now! You are the best and I LOVE your blog!

    I got a chance to meet Li in person last weekend at BlogHer...she is as lovely in person as in her blog! It was so nice to hang out with her!

    and Loteria Chicana...I must visit!

  2. I am beyond words! Thank you so much for mentioning Me on your beautiful blog. You truly made me smile!!!

    I camt waitto check put Cindy and hear about your home renovation!!

    And I met Marcela who is such a wonderful person and i am so touched by her words as well.

    Cant help but smile!!! Mil gracias!

    Thanks for the support and keep on writing!


  3. Thanks for the shout-out.

    Your DIY projects always seem to come out neat. Can't wait to see what you two do this time.


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