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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Runner's Woe's.

This time last year I had purchased some random shoes on and decided to run a half marathon/10k. They were bright green/yellow shoes and they were going to be with me the whole training step of the way.  They stuck with me through my whole training battle for the half. I had not really run for years, let alone trained for something since my college swimming days. I remember it felt good to get back on track with running and putting on my bright shoes made me smile.
However, I've fallen off the wagon lately. I can't seem to figure out why am I having such a hard time getting back on track (literally).
I am sure we all encounter these physical slumps with whatever sport we are involved in. However, It seems I never seem to remember how I get myself out of it. During my run yesterday, a slushy 3 mile run through my neighborhood. I started thinking, I have to get back to the basics. I don't need to set any ridiculous goals of running a marathon or running up a mountain....
I just need to get out and RUN.
No matter the distance or the time, I just need to find my love for running again.
So my question is..

How do you get out of your running/exercise slump?

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  1. Having a goal race is helpful for me. I don't need a training plan to get out and run, but it does help me stay accountable. Also, setting a mileage goal for the month and having friends doing the same helps too.


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