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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Positive Hills

Every have that exciting feeling and anticipation for something but didn't quite know what it was?  I've been having these feelings a lot lately. I'm sort of wondering if it's because I am on a break from school, or because I have finally allowed myself to relax a little bit. Whatever the feeling is, I am loving it!
 I guess it's this sort of feeling that drives me to take care of myself and think more positively. It allows me to be more patient with others, and not sweat the small stuff. It sets me off on a run at 7:30pm in order to catch the beautiful NM sunset.
My run today was a hilly 3 miles, and even though it wasn't a long run it was a quality run. I was happy that I actually got out there because I struggled all day to get out the door.  This morning I woke up a bit late and didn't want to run in the grueling sun. Around 4pm I almost talked myself out of getting a run in completely after getting sucked in to a season of Breaking Bad. It took me having to seriously focus on that great feeling of getting a good run in to start putting my running gear on.  I found myself sort of telling myself off while putting on my Asics saying stuff like.. "Running feels great! I love doing it! Why do I fight myself so much to get out there? "Damn it!"
The feeling of frustration soon faded as I started for my run. I felt the positive feeling mentioned at the beginning of this post visiting me again. It gave me this crazy energy and  I shot up the hills like superwoman intoxicated by the feel good pain of hill running. I found myself taking the harder parts of the run with more determination and with a smile.  During my cool down run I wiped the sweat from my eyes, stretched out the tightness in my legs, and I stared at the gorgeous Nuevo Mexico sunset and told myself "This is why I run."

What drives you to get up your hills?

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  1. If there was a like button on this, I'd press it.

    I find that every time I grumble about going for a run, I end up coming home glad I did the workout. I found myself smiling today on my run. It was mainly downhill with a few short hills. I get up them by telling myself that there's not too much to go and that soon it will be flat or downhill again. I let myself relax a little too and don't try to sprint them.


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