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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30 @ 30 Update

Hey everyone,
I hope you guys had a great holiday weekend. My holiday was a bit busy celebrating our engagement with friends and family. We also took some time to go and look around at a few venues around the area. I have to admit, it has been a bit of a struggle finding somewhere within our budget. It appears the wedding business flourishes by ripping people off. I nearly choked when a lady told me that my wedding guest would be expected to eat $6,000 worth of food and drink at least 2,000 in booze in order not to be charged a penalty. Ya, no thanks lady. I'm not going to let your business wipe your butt with our money. Needless to say, we have gone back to the drawing board and  are going to look at a promising venue later on this week. 
Back to the subject at hand. I know it's been a while since I've given you guys an update on the 30@30 list. I have seriously had an adventurous last couple of months and it has been awesome! 
Here is the check off list. 

2. Get a city library card
The sweet folks at Albuquerque Library were awesome enough to give me a tour and let me know that I can check out videos with my card. I can't wait to browse the interesting collection they have.

14. Purchase a bird feeder for the backyard
Photo to come soon! Believe it or not, the fat Morning Doves in our backyard put too much weight on the feeder and broke it. 

20.  Road trip to somewhere
We traveled to Northern, NM and stayed in a haunted hotel. Braved Ikea in Denver, CO. Relaxed and got Engaged in Breckenridge, CO. Celebrated the Señors birthday camping in Southern, CO.  
Best. Road. Trip. Ever! 

28. Spend the night somewhere haunted
This was exciting! Staying at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM. I got absolutely no sleep and got the shit scared out of me. Upon checking in to the St. James we were taken back on how classic the hotel looked. We were also told we were staying in the "Mary Lambert" room. Mary Lambert was the wife of the first hotel owner and is known to still haunt the room. We then proceeded to the room which was down a hallway that looked like it was straight out of "The Shining." We entered our room and  just for fun, I downloaded the Ghost Radar App. If you ever are bored and want to get a rise out of yourself, download this app. I turned it on in the room and while looking at a picture of Mary Lambert in her garden, the app said "HEART." and then I kid you not..I could smell rosy perfume. Now, the Señor thinks that perhaps there is some mechanism in the room that lets off a rosy perfume smell randomly in the room, but I didn't care, I was a believer DAMN IT!  We then went to the bar to have a few beers and checked out the gunshots in the ceiling. Before we went off to bed we checked out the history of the hotel on the 1st floor. They had some interesting information about the owners and the famous guest who had stayed there, such as Annie Oakley and Jesse James. We then headed of to bed and that is when things started to got weird. Of course, the Señor dozed off straight away and left me to fend off the ghost myself. The St. James is and old hotel with no modern air conditioning, so it was really hot.   However, there was times when It would get  freezing cold, mostly around my legs.  It was like a ghost was sitting on them. Then there was various crazy noises out in the hall. Tapping, creaking, and even a weird scratching noise above my head. I pretty much had to scare myself to sleep. It was a great experience, and the Señor didn't dump me!   
Mary Lambert's Room
Mary Lambert's Room
Bad room 18
The haunted room where the bad ghost lives
St. James hallway
The hall that looks like it's straight out of "The Shining"
Shot Gun Ceiling
Gunshot ceiling
Jesse James
Jesse James Room
St. James

It has been an exciting summer!


  1. Wow! I couldn't stay at a place I knew was haunted...I am such a chicken!

    Yes, wedding industry is a rip off... don't feel obligated to invite every last person you know and stay within your budget... (from experience), what matters is making the day/night special for the two of you!

  2. Oh My God! A huanted hotel? An app?! I"m already freaked out. I'm such a sucker for this stuff. Tell your rational level-headed Senor that I totally believe you smelled the perfume!

    You've got cojones of steel girl. I would've been gripping Che in the middle of the night. Ay Dios mio.

    I love the 30@30 update!!! Keep at it lady!

    PS I'm honored to be on your blog roll. ((hugs))


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