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Sunday, September 18, 2011

We do!

All of it is happening so fast. Mostly due to me hitting the ground running like a mad woman when it comes to wedding planning. We have an official date and if all goes well at the contract signing, we will have a venue.
This weekend I had the fun experience of trying on wedding gowns with my Madre and Mana (sister). Lucky for me, the last gown I tried on was a winner. It was a nice compromise between what my mother wanted and what I wanted. Even though I'm not sure if compromise is the right word to use here because my mother has amazing taste in wedding gowns. It was such a good experience to share with my family.
It's all happening so fast, but I like it that way. More time to just kick back and enjoy being engaged to my handsome Señor until we decide to say..
"We Do."

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