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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tis' The Season

The running season that is!
Here in NM it is starting to get cooler and the leaves are barely starting to change. People are rounding out their training for their half marathons and marathons and looking good. I remember this time last year I was one of those people. Sadly, this year I have not signed up for a run. I have recently overcome my foot injury (plantar fasciitis) and want to ease back into running. It's no joke that my running schedule has been a bit of a roller coaster and less than stellar due to mi vida loca with school, bathroom remodel, and wedding planning.  However, I woke up on Saturday and decided to put my running legs on. I wanted to divert from the usual running path I had been taking around my neighborhood and head to the more challenging foothills location. This locations is a run powered by elevation, heat, and beautiful panoramic views. I didn't really set out to do certain amount of mileage. I just sort of went with how I felt, and I felt good! I logged in 5 miles and felt rejuvenated.
I think we sometimes get comfortable in our usual runs and forget to switch it up a bit. It's funny how running can sometimes mimic life. We can find ourselves easily bored with our usual routines and daily activities, but can be restarted with a simple positive change to the mundane.
Keep it interesting amigos!

**I forgot to add a BIG congratulations to my amiga from across the pond Danielle Adams for running and finishing the Run to the Beat half marathon in Greenwich, Greater London UK.  Welcome to the half marathon club chica!

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