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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Half Marathon Training

I'm back on the half marathon wagon amigos!
After wrapping up my holidays of eating a plethora of tamales and endless bowls of posole. It was time to hop back on the fitness wagon. I might of already said this in an earlier post, but on my first few runs in the New Year I could smell the tamales and posole in my sweat! Yeah, I really ate that much.
Recently during a yoga session a teacher asked us all to set an intention for the class.  I picked to focus on goals for the coming New year. Naturally, one of them was to run a half-marathon. I have been on a one-year hiatus from any sort of race, and have actually missed it. I was sort of plagued by my plantar fasciitis injury last year and racing was out of the question. Now that I'm all healed up, I feel ready to get out there and run a race again.
I've picked out my training program, which is the Nike Women's Half Marathon Training Guide. I will be doing the intermediate level training and will do my best to stick to it. The good thing about this program is that it allows you to shift around your training days, so if I have a big Pharm test and have a 10 miler scheduled the day before, I can switch up the days. By having more control and freedom with my workouts, I will most likely stick with the program.
I've decided I am doing the Run for the Zoo for my next half.  It's a local race here in town that benefits the biological parks, and one of my favorites.  After you finish you get free admission to the zoo on the day of the run, so you can't beat that. I really hope I get to go. After my last half-marathon run I was sick for three days straight due to my lack of cool down.  I will make sure I don't make the same mistake this time. I'm not quite sure yet if I will be running for a PR, which was 1:47.22, or just run it for fun.  I think I will make my decision the day of the race.
I'm excited to have decided to complete this goal. It feels good to actually be training for a half again. I know I can do it. Now I just got to keep with it!
What are you pushing yourself to do in 2012 amigos? Running? Writing? Crafting?
Whatever it may be.. I hope you love it!

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