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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Kings Day and Our First Wedding Gift

This year we celebrated Three Kings Day (info here)  a little early. It's usually celebrated on January 6th, but since this upcoming weekend is going to be busy for all of us we decided to celebrate a bit early. My mother made an amazing mole chicken meal, and we tried the Skinny Girl Sangria mix that my mother won at a white elephant party. Just FYI, it was terrible and I don't recommend it. It tasted like bad white wine and we all gagged a little. After finish our great meal we moved on to the Rosca de Reyes bread. 
At this moment,  I decide to put my older brother on the spot with a memory I have of the Rosca de Reyes bread from when I was 5 years old. Inside each cakes is a baby Jesus. If you find the baby Jesus you get special privileges and have to prepare the tamales for Candlemas. However, since we were too young to make tamales my mother said we would get good luck for the year and be King/Queen for a day.  Moving on with the story, my mother hands us out our cake and wishes us luck in finding the baby Jesus. This was the cue for my brother to start digging frantically through his cake to find the baby Jesus. I'm looking on appalled at my borther while he tornadoes through his cake. As soon as he realizes that he doesn't have the baby Jesus, he starts wrecking through my cake and finds the baby Jesus and takes it!
I....was.......pissed! He had robbed me of my baby Jesus, good fortune and being QUEEN FOR A DAY!!
Of course, my brother trying to save face, denies the whole thing ever happened.
My mother being the sweet intelligent women that she is. Purchased three baby Jesus trinkets in order to save an incident like that from occurring again. Got to love Moms.
Rosca de Reyes bread

After we finished our amazing meal, my father surprised us with an early wedding gift. They had purchased us our first cookware set from Costco.  The Señor and I had been using a variety of hand me down pots that did the job, but nothing beats having a cookware set! We look forward to using the pots and hopefully more Domestically Disabled Post! 

On another note, my sweet mother purchased me a pair of running shoes yesterday in order to kick off my Get Fit Bride routine. We got a great pair of ASICS on sale and I love them. I've always bought my running shoes on sale and I've never been disappointed. ASICS have always treated my feet right and I look forward to clocking the miles in my pink beauties.

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  1. I just bought 2 pairs of the same Brooks running shoes I've been loving since the summer. Same color and everything. They were 20% less than the first 2 times I bought them, so I splurged and got two before they're out of stock. I need my purple running shoes!

    Are you totally looking forward to signing up wedding gift registries? I go to Target and see lots of appliances I want/need, but I'm putting it off for the registry. Why buy my own toaster when I could get a cousin to do it? (Currently only one side of the toaster works, so I can only do one slice of bread at a time. Not a problem since that's what I typically want.) I also sorta drool over cookware sets in the mailers.

    Feliz día de Reyes!


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