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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot Sock Bun

I love Pinterest!!
I am super addicted to this website. I almost have to peel my hands off the computer to get away from it.  Pinterest is a place oozing with ideas, inspiration, and even good tips on how to clean those pesky streak stains at the bottom of your sink.
The other day I came across a tutorial on how to get great curls in your hair without using heat. It was called the sock bun secret. It's easy and pretty much free. The sock bun secret is great, but can only be used for longer hair lengths. However,  I'm sure a quick Google search can help you find some alternatives.
Here is what I did..
I watched this video:
I then cut the toes of the sock off and wore the sock bun in my hair overnight as it instructed to do so in the video. The Señor got a kick out of my new hairstyle and said my high bun made me look like a sumo wrestler.  Anyways, I used a black sock to make the bun. The cool thing about using the black sock is that you couldn't really tell I had it in my hair. This is a good thing for when I want a curly hairstyle for a night of going out or staying at home. Whatever.
Here is a before photo with my sock bun sumo hairstyle.
Sumo Style
This morning I took out the sock bun and had the biggest Jersey hair curls I've ever seen! I applied some anti-frizz to my mane in order to calm it down and then went on a run.
When I came back I was shocked to see that my curls had survived my cold morning run.
I just added some Tressemé dry shampoo to it and I was ready to go! I showed my Señor my curly mane and he bestowed me with a new nickname...
Brownie Locks
 Clever huh? 
Here are the results of the sock bun!

Pretty cool huh?! And this is my hair after my run!
So yeah, Pinterest has created a new fan of the sock bun. 
Watch the video, try it out, and let me know if it works for you.
Nothing beats an easy hairstyle that doesn't damage your hair.

Have a great weekend!



  2. I love this idea! .... and I love Pinterest too. So many great ideas ... inspiring! Come follow me, link from my blog. ~M

  3. You look so lovely!
    As you know, I'm a Pinterest addict!


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