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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello amigos!

Wow,  it's been a while since I've updated ye ol' blog, and I've sort of missed coming on here and writing about mi vida loca.
I finished my round of clinicals at the Nursing home, and even though it was emotionally draining at times it was a great experience for me. It also made me realize how something that seems so small like saying "Hello, how are you?" or "Hola, como te va?" can make someone smile and brighten their day. I will admit, I do find myself smiling and saying"how are you?" to the geriatric population outside of the nursing home out of habit. However,  I still get a warm response whenever I do.
I had a great clinical team to work with. We did a great job of working with each other and helping each other out. These girls are going to become great nurses and it was truly a lot of fun working alongside them.  (Please excuse our candy striper outfits, they made us wear them)

May we check your blood pressure?

In other news, I've started working on my 30@30 list. So far I've started on..
7.  Make this pallet shelf for the living room and this vertical pallet garden
--I started on making the pallet shelf, and may start on the pallet garden in the fall time. Photos to come of the finished pallet shelf soon. :)
15. Finish the Harry Potter Series before watching the movie
--Currently, I am on book #4 of the series. I know I should be farther along, but my CNA class required a lot of reading that I was not expecting. So far I am hooked, and find myself reading on lazy Sunday mornings and into late lazy Sunday afternoons. These books are addicting! #nerdalert. 
Platform 9 3/4
20. Road trip to somewhere
28. Spend the night somewhere haunted
--We have scheduled a lovely road trip to Colorado. On this road trip I have convinced the Señor to stay in a haunted hotel with me in Cimarron, NM. It's called the St. James Hotel and it is full of amazing NM history, not to mention it's freaking HAUNTED people!
From Trip Advisor: 
 The St. James is a genuine piece of the Old West that has survived 130 years of gunfights, gambling, ghosts, and infamous guests. Buffalo Bill Cody supposedly met Annie Oakley at the St. James, and that’s where they formed their Wild West show. The boots of Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, and Jesse James have also echoed in the hallways. And they have the guest books to prove it. Don’t be fooled by the exterior, which is historic but not fancy, because inside, you will step back in time. 
Ohhhhh scary! More to come on this.  

30. Smile at 100 strangers   
--This was way too easy, but a lot of fun. :) 

On another note, I am currently on a running hiatus. The air quality has been a bit dodgy here in NM due to all the major fires surrounding us. So, I've been doing a lot of yoga in our guest bedroom. However, I would like to begin running again at the end of July and sign up for a trail race in the fall. Here is to hoping for more rain and better air quality!!

Cheers amigos, have a great week!

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  1. It sounds like you have been busy!!! The candy stripe outfit is a must if you want to be a good nurse ( :

    I can not WAIT for Harry Potter to come out...I read all the books and loved them... and think I might have read the last one in two days..seriously ( :

    I love your smile at 300 people and will keep that as one of my goals...


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