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Monday, July 11, 2011

Railroad Diaries

It's true, I am a big fan of the "Lazy weekend". However, nothing beats a weekend where so much is going on it almost rejuvenates your soul, and next thing you know you're planning next weekends awesome activities.
It all started with a impromptu painting project. We have been meaning to prime and paint our backyard wall forever.  It was painted an ugly beige color and it secretly was driving me nuts. Suddenly, on a Friday evening we whipped out the primer paint and started painting. All was well until an ant hill decided to wage war on my feet and freak me out. That left the amore to finish the job and I pouted and watched. Damn ants!
Our dorky art before we started painting
Painting ze wall
Primed and ready for paint. So much better than the stupid beige color huh?

The following morning my sister and I had a huevos rancheros breakfast and headed to the local Downtown growers market. It was full of interesting art and lot's of yummy looking leafy greens and veggies.  It was a short visit however, because my sister had to drop me off at the train station for my adventure to Santa Fe. For more info on the beautiful Downtown Farmer's here.

So my journey up north to Santa Fe begins. I board the train with the excitement that resembles a little kid on their first train ride. I find a great seat with a view and we head up north. The train ride was so smooth and it gave me some time to drift away in a few chapters of Harry Potter.
Downtown Albuquerque
Rail Runner
So we weaved in and out of the NM terrain and as we got closer to Santa Fe I was stunned to see the Los Conchas Fire in the distance. This fire is the largest in NM history and it is only 40% contained. Recently the NM monsoon season has kicked in which has brought on some much needed rain, but still the fire rages on.
Los Conchas Fire
Fire & Rain
Fire and Rain

As I arrived in Santa Fe I met the Señor for some wonderful margaritas at a place call Maria's. We got delightfully tipsy and enjoyed the rest of our time in Santa Fe.  I put the camera away in order to enjoy my time with my love, but not before I shot this photo of this beautiful Bollock Oriole  bird! I know, so dorky!
Bullock Oriole

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to take an adventure anywhere!

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  1. I love reading on a plane or car ride (I'm rarely on a train). It makes the trip go by so much quicker.


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