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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello everyone,
I hope you all had an adventurous weekend. Mine was definitely a full weekend with all sorts of exciting things occurring. To start off, on Friday I was able to watch one of my besties from across the pond graduate with her doctorates degree. I was able to log on online to her universities website and watch her receive her doctorates. I am so proud of her accomplishment and I was so glad the glorious Internet allowed me to witness her receive her doctorates in London.

 Congratulations D!

I know recently that my post have been a bit random and scarce. I have been working hard this summer to wrap up all the classes and requirements needed to apply for the nursing program this coming fall. On Saturday I completed the last major thing, the HESI A2 nursing exam. The exam basically tests future nurses on basic math, grammar, reading, and vocabulary.  I was a bit nervous about it because I couldn't remember the last time I even looked at basic math. However, a couple of weeks carrying around the HESI study guide like it was my family bible and studying from it, helped me pass the exam with a 93%!  I am all set to apply to nursing school in late fall. I will let you guys know when I officially make it into the program. 

On Saturday evening the Señor and I went to a Summerween party at our friend Brian's house. It's basically Halloween in the summer time and it's a lot of fun. However, due to the Señors crazy work schedule and my crazy study schedule. We had only a few hours to get our costume together. We decided to go has Raising Arizona H.I. and ED. However, people just thought that the Señor looked like Ace Ventura and I just looked like a regular ol' cop. Oh well, we had fun. 

To wrap up the weekend the ladies in my family decided to take a trip up north to the Las Golondrinas Ranch and Santa Fe for my beautiful madres birthday. I have always loved how mi familia has always been an important part of my life. We always try to get together at least once a week, despite our crazy schedules. 
When my mother decided to go to Las Golondrinas I was thrilled, because I had not been to the ranch since I was a kid. It was fun to explore the beautiful ranch again and soak up some good ol' NM history. We then wrapped up our trip by having amazing Margaritas and great food at Maria's in Santa Fe. It was a great time.  Feliz Cumple Madre! 
The Ladies
Los Golondrinas
Mother & Daughter

I wrapped up the weekend with my amore by relaxing and enjoying the beautiful NM thunderstorm that came through last night. I have always wanted to get a picture of lightning (without getting killed) and last nights thunder and light show was the perfect opportunity. I was so excited when I was able to catch this photo last night. Monsoon season has arrived in the desert and we are so grateful! 
NM Monsoon Season Has Arrived

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 
Amor y Respeto

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