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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pallet Board Shelving

7.   Make this pallet shelf for the living room and this vertical pallet garden

This was a fun project completed in a few hours and for free! Thanks to Amanda Carver Designs for the inspiration.  
Thanks to my Señor for helping me rip off the middle board and hanging it up. It was heavy! 
Also, I have nixed the vertical pallet garden as we are in a drought and it appears that the annuals would most likely die in this kind of environment. So, Ive replaced it with another major project (my Señor loves this) more details to come!! 

Pick a pallet board
Find a pallet board of your liking. 

Remove middle board
Rip off the middle board, or have your handsome Señor (or pretty lady) rip it off for you. 

Look over merchandise (clean)
Look over for spiders and clean off as much yucky stuff as you can. 

Sand it down
Sand down.  I started with 90 grit paper and smoothed it over with 60 grit paper. 
Spray with a wood semi-gloss sealer and...

Pallet board Shelves

Hang on the wall! We will be using the pallet shelving to hang photos of our familia. 

 For the longest time our living room wall was a blank slate and we had no idea what to do with it. This was a super easy project and it has really brought together our living room. I can't help but smile when I walk by it. :)

Have a great Thursday amigos!  

Update: Better photos of our pallet board shelf. :) 



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